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Monday, 26 August 2013


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As a general rule, Americans who care to know about such things consider British education to be superior, thanks, or blame, to John Dewey, who invented the abomination of "Social Adjustment," thus destroying American education, beginning about a century ago. Since then, any parent who complained that his child was not learning anything, heard, "He's so well adjusted." "But what have you taught him that I did not already do at home?" "But he's so well adjusted."

The dumbing down, subject of reams of complaints, began here, first. My grandparents were teachers, beginning in the twenties, but they attended podunk teachers' colleges in Northeast Texas, where they did not get the word about the wonderful new world of progressive education, so they taught facts. One of their students, the brightest they ever taught, according to Grandfather, was, much later, my high school mathematics teacher. From what I hear now, the $h1+ has begin to wash up on your shores, for the past several years. I am sorry. It started here, but before I was born.(I'm not responsible for slavery, either.)

We did a combination of home school and private school, and the kids did, indeed, read Shakespeare, and translations of The Iliad, and a huge amount of other unfashionable literature. My grand children are all home scholars, also. The younger grandson, aged four and a third, is reading on third-grade level, and his older brother is doing just fine, too. The little princess is only eighteen months, and her chief educational accomplishment, so far, is learning to wrap Dada and Pa around her little finger.

As for you, dear cousins, I know what needs to happen, and I suspect that it will, which is the formations of a new, parallel system of private schools, including a separate organization of such schools, first for defense, and then for accreditation. I also know that it won't be easy, and many of the people involved will be pretty clueless as to purpose and means. (Think of the hens in Chicken Run.)There will be a huge amount of opposition, and it will mostly take the form of lies and distortions about the purposes and character of the independents. When a dear friend or relative is very sick, I can take no comfort in ignorance, because, as a nurse, I know pretty clearly just what is happening. Likewise, knowing exactly what is happening to you only hurts me the all more. God bless you all!

Actually, Michael, one of the only successes in this pathetic government of ours is Michael Gove who has quietly but with enormous persistence fought the stranglehold of teacher unions, local authorities and his own civil servants and as a result he is introducing new local schools run by local people free of regimentation. He is one of the few reasons I will be voting Tory in the next election.

To quote Gomer Pyle, "Shazzam!" I wonder how long he'll last. Slap, slap again, on the other cheek, for being so cynical. We have a couple of guys fighting the good fight on the Texas State school board, and on many local boards. They are roundly denounced as Yahoos, etc, which, some of them are, but, dammit, they are OUR Yahoos. The slimy weasel, Eric Holder, is actually suing a State for a voucher law. While we'd love to have vouchers for everyone, where we are, now, is programs providing vouchers for low-income kids, in horrible gang-infested urban schools, to give some of them a secret passage out of the dungeon. The teachers' unions foam at the mouth at the very mention of vouchers. They'd come too late for me, both kids out of school, (Daughter in college)We mostly spent one income on school, or my wife stayed home and taught, which is the same, of course. The Lefty propaganda still shouts "Elitist" at any private school.

Good night.

"Gomer Pyle"? Thank God for Wiki! You never stop learning on this internet-thingie.

I'll agree with both of you but still wonder why Shakespeare is seen as 'difficult'? (it's not Chaucer for [deity of your choice]s sake - which I personally had to hear spoken to have even the vaguest understanding of it leak into my pitiful scientifically orientated consciousness).

Ok, I'm old(ish) (Grammar school - does that make me an elitist?) but surely part of teaching is art of motivating/stimulating the student to find the subject interesting? Force has nothing to do with it if they do what they are paid for. (I hated school - strange for a PhD I know - and physics more than most - a new teacher Mr Smedley adhered to the philosophy that each lesson would be remembered if it was accompanied by a 'memorable' experience - think Boyles Laws to the sound of exploding coffee cans [custard powder], lessons where he chased a random student with a flask of gentian violet, stood on a desk or played the bagpipes. It suddenly became my best subject and I can still remember the lessons some decades later. A similar teacher methinks


At least you have the option of home schooling there, here we have no choice. The best indicator of what they 'know' they are doing to the education system is that not one of the children of the leading lights in PC education ever sends their own children through the system - private all the way for their little dears.

(and before DM comments on my grammar, spelling and punctuation - PhD is in Clinical Science, part of which is the exhaustive study of how to write illegibly so that only pharmacists can decipher the scrawl - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it)


I see dashed off comments, that might possibly be improved by further editing, but whassamatta?

No possible option of home schooling? Not even with hired private tutors?

Some US states have restrictions and silly regulations, like making a dyslexic kid pass a reading exam or go to public school, which will do less for him and his dyslexia than his mother would, at home, but those people just move to freer states, like Texas.They usually think, when they first come, that they'll go back to their home state when the kids are out of school, but they get used to freedom, so they stay here, much to our benefit.


Editing? What, out of the question or you'll be expecting me to engage my brain before I say what I think next!

It's not so much the silly and, in comparison to here. minimal regulation, but more the fact of home-schooling as an accepted practice. With, from some discussions I've had there, a sizable section of business and industry that actually prefer employees who were home-schooled. Over here you'd be either an unaccepted oddity or just plain unemployed.

I won't say I'm familiar with all the state by state idiosyncrasies but home-schooling is one of the criteria that a certain blogger uses in describing 'retreat areas' (that would be Cpt. JWR) and it appears that most are open and, even if reluctantly, allow it. I know of only one mother here who home schooled, and that was allowed due to both medical and repeated attacks on her daughter at school. and then only after a protracted fight.

Able, I always start out saying the opposite of where I plan to end up. This make me sound reasonable, don't you see?

I do not know the future, but I am an expert on the past, and I know for certain that there was a time when home schooling was 'weird' and now, not only are there employers, but also Universities like Annapolis, West Point, Harvard, et al, who are very happy to accept home scholars. Industries like computers/software are more entrepreneurial and less impressed by papers, from government or schools. They all know about Bill Gates, Harvard dropout, and our own Michael Dell, dropped out of UT after he made his first million running a mail order computer company from his dorm room. So, I can offer some hope that y'all will have a similar burst of freedom.

The reason that this is so important is that the schools are indoctrination centers,who prepare followers, not leaders nor even individualists. If America ever recovers from O'Boy, it will be home scholars and people like them who create a new reality.That, of course, is why there is so much opposition. The media generally portray home schooling as more than weird, maybe a bit dangerous, nearly always some hint of child abuse, sometimes it's something even worse than making them read Shakespeare, and, as often as they can work it in, gun owners, whom they also try to portray as weird and dangerous. In this, however, they have a long row to hoe. There are millions of hunters here. Indeed, millions of people count game as a significant part of their diets. We know we are not weird or dangerous. We know that a tiny, tiny number, out of millions of gun owners, commit crimes, and these nut jobs generally had ample evidence of craziness or anti-social personality disorder for years before they actually committed their crimes. It's very often an armed neighbor who takes them down, when the horrible day comes. You will not, generally, see in the media the detail that a mass shooter was shot by an armed citizen, or just tackled by the foot ball players who were all hunters and knew exactly how long the reload would take, and timed their assault accordingly. That would not fit the narrative. Notice, I did not say 'Left wing media'. That would be redundant and repetitive.

Nevertheless, there are still seven thousand men in Israel who have not bowed the knee to Baal. Maybe more in present-day America? One can hope.

Plan? You have a plan on what to say? I sometimes haven't a clue what I want to say, even after I've said it.

Since the death of the 11+ schools here have been the 're-education' camps of the progressives (Oh there are many skilled, dedicated and informed teachers, but they toe the line or they're out). Whilst home-schooling may have seemed 'weird' there, it was always a traditional and usual occurrence. Here it is seen as both a novelty and subversive (to the progressive educational establishment). In a country where children are removed from their 'parents' because those parents smoke, are too fat, eat the wrong things, hold political views contrary to those held by social workers - I won't hold my breath on it taking off too soon.

You're preaching to the 'didn't need to be converted anyhow' on gun ownership here, I'm afraid (and I've recently discovered a penchant for moose-burger, if not tree-rat). (Our complete handgun bans were as the result of two incidents, involving individuals both of whom were long known 'problems', specifically warned about and who were allowed to keep the weapons used by their friendly neighborhood Chief Constables (despite urgent warnings by the local bobbies) who later, rather than face censure as a result, were rewarded - sound like 'intent'?)

Och! Able, I'd say you were paranoid, but is it paranoia if they really are out to get you?

The progs are right. Home schooling IS subversive. (Heh!)

The hyper-intrusive social worker is known well enough here, too. My wife had no contact with her mother for twenty wonderful years, and one precaution we took was to keep birth notices out of the papers, including the little weekly in my home town. If she'd known that there were kids, she'd have called in an anonymous tip to the Child Abuse Hot Line, just to see what she might stir up. There are too many cases of babies taken from mothers, returned a few months later, when the milk has dried up.

There was a cult of Mormonoids in West Texas, whose leader was alleged to have molested some of the girls, or to have forced marriage on one or more of them, so the State took the kids, all of them, away from their *mothers*. For that, alone, I would vote against Rick Perry, if the alternatives were not even worse. He could have stopped it, and he did not. He probably thought he'd score some points with some group or other. That one surely did come around and bite him on the ass. (YES!) Then, eventually, State courts ruled that the kids could go home, and the police arrested the old creep, who had not been near the community in years anyway. Sadly, they let Perry stay in the Governor's Mansion.

In our own family's history, forty per cent of our house burned, when Julia was in second grade. Happily, Mother-in-law was already dead. However, Julia was in a Montessori school, so there were unusual projects, like collecting blankets for Indians in the Rockies. (They MAKE g*****ned blanket!)Since we were living in two rooms for much of that year, I wanted to tell the teacher that Julia could have only limited participation in these endeavours, while we were rebuilding. My wife cautioned silence, saying the teacher was just the sort who'd report us for some child welfare attention, because our living conditions were, indeed, quite substandard. Genuinely weird, abusive families do keep a lot of secrets, but so do normal ones.

Think, tree roots in your sewer line, can't afford Roto Rooter, so you rent the auger and d.i.y. Sometimes, this process has to be repeated, more than once, whether Roto Rooter does it, at a cost of one testicle, thank you very much, or you rent the thing again. However, for the weeks during the Period of Flushing Judiciously, your house is, technically, substandard. Is limited flushing more deleterious to a child's physical or mental health than separation from her parents? For what it's worth, that particular adventure was something we experienced prekids. Now, I have become so proficient at the sewer augur that roots tremble at the sound of my foot step. My daughter in law is an only child and only grand child, who never had to deal with so much reality. Now, after nine years of marriage to my son, she knows that if one Mr Adams can't do a thing, the other one can, and she fears no domestic assaults of that nature. However, as a home-school mother, she does understand the need for circumspection. One great thing is that they belong to a very conservative church in conservative Round Rock, a large suburb on the north side of Austin. She has other home schooling families who cooperate with her, group fields trips and the like, exchange teaching when the kids are older and more specialization is required. If some social worker started trying to nose in, there'd be a small army of people to testify that they saw the kids all the time, let their kids play at the house, etc, and never saw anything untoward.

As for the contrived crisis to precipitate a gun ban or other assault on Liberty, I shall try to send y'all a link to an article about the Cloward-Pivern strategy. It's very, very useful to understand the strategy and tactics of the enemy. Do not doubt me, here, they regard themselves as the enemy, not political opponents.

OK, folks, time to do a nab treatment.

See Some of you may have read this, or something similar. Many of you might find it profitable.

BTW, it is a NEB treatment.

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