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Friday, 16 August 2013


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He is a bit camp, isn't he?

But for real camp, you should watch a bit of American football.

Can't watch it, DM, no sooner does it start than it stops!

Similar to watching a traffic jam. Whole lotta 'stop-n-go' action.

Yes, and when one chap actually manages to run 10 yards with the ball, before being flattened, he gets up and there are high fives all round! At which point half the team seems to change! Incomprehensible! Why can't they play a simple game like Test Match cricket?

I do think that Vladdy Put is trying slightly too hard (no pun intended) to give the impression he is anything other than a rugged, rough, tough, Russian son of a Volga Boatman. All these photo(shopped?) opportunities of him wrestling naked with bears, catching 100lb fish with his teeth, and riding bareback (and bare chested) is just too much. I would not be surprised if he has a secret stash in his dascha of Judy Garland's greatest hits and well used videos of Easter Parade and The Wizard of Oz.

Welcome to D&N, 'Pensei', and personally I dread to think what 'Vlad' has in his secret stash, the mind boggles!

Twenty five years ago, we were carless for about a year, a serious problem in Texas. There was one couple who often rode our bus, who sat on the seat in front of us and treated us to the sound of their tongues in each others' mouths. Unh, hunh, they sat that close. Oh, yes, there was also the guy we both dubbed The Satyr. We'd see him with various people we wanted to ask, "Are you sure that that one is female?" Eventually, we wondered whether some of them were even human. Finally, one day, I saw him reading something, the page four inches from his face. Ah, mystery solved. He was legally blind. So, yeah, Vlad brings back memories, the kind you'd want to use brain bleach to remove. OTOH, I guess we have been inoculated, somehow.

Sometimes (but not really) I wish I was blind!

There are none so blind as those that will not see.

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