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Friday, 23 August 2013


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We are now in the sixth year of debating, "Obama, fool or knave?" I have been firmly on both sides of that issue, occasionally at the same time. He believes the Lefty BS we all believed in college, or, nearly all. He believes it more fervently, and shows no signs of having developed any discernment over the years, evidence for "Fool." Then he does such stupid s41+, and we reopen the question, because we can't be sure whether he committed such folly on purpose or because he did not know any better. One thing is certain, he does not like y'all, not even a little bit. People who have never visited here have difficulty grasping how few Americans have any antipathy toward ANY other country. We Texans may think Californians are fruit cakes, but beyond their shores, people are OK. It took my bitc--um, British, sister-in-law years to understand that people did not dislike her for being British but because she was damned obnoxious. So, Soetero's obvious dislike of the British is puzzling, annoying, embarrassing. Pick any one, on any day. He puts his feet on the Resolute desk! God help us!

OK, I know that all of you have a stack on books to read that always threatens to tip over. However, I want to recommend one that will make all the others come in clear: Systems of Survival, by Jane Jacobs. You probably saw the miniseries or even read the novel, North and South. It was the novelization of Systems, written a couple of decades before the blessed birth of Ms. Jacobs. So much of what we discuss here and on other fine blogs is crystalized in Systems. It's a theory, not a hypothesis. It brings together otherwise random-seeming observations in a way that makes sense of them, like, say, the Periodic Table. I freely admit that I was saying "yes, yes," throughout the book, because she was saying, but much better, what I'd been saying for years. So, she must be brilliant, right? Just read it, and you will see. We never speak directly about what she is saying, but we stumble all over it. It's not that there is an elephant in the living room that no one mentions. Rather, it's that the elephant is invisible.

I think you can still get it from Amazon UK. I'd go and look. but every time I do, I get stuck in there for months, being sent there when I try to order a book from the American branch, until my son the computer genius comes and untangles me. If you can't get it, through them or one of their affiliated used book sellers, give me the particulars and I'll mail you a copy.

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend. After we attend the funeral of a young woman in my wife's church, killed a week ago in a car wreck, I am garage-cleaning. At least the funeral will make the cleaning seem like fun.

Anyone who makes Hellary and then John Kerry Secretary of State isn't taking foreign affairs seriously.

In a nutshell, once again, DM!

Oh, dearie me, Dearieme, Hellary knew where all his skeletons were hidden, and Kerry was a traitor, who, if he had been testifying before a real committee or court, instead of the Winter Soldier political theater, would have perjured himself. He is a thumb in the eye of all actual practicing Americans. We are still in the 'fool or knave' conundrum. More and more, I am content to say, "both."

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