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Friday, 02 August 2013


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What I really want to read from you by way of crit, Duffers, is your views on last night's tellyshow (Channel 4) about used car salesmen. Otherwise

Won't you go home, Ms Bailey
Won't you go home
Before we do you wrong

"It was the quickest shag I have ever seen and I thought I held the world record!"

Not for doing it up another chap's bottom in a phone box, DD. One would surely want to get that over with as soon as possible.

Meant to watch it, DM, but somehow, possibly due to PTSD brought about my three hours of watching 'Lear' through narrowed eyes, I missed it. Was it any good? I trust it did not give away any trade secrets!

Probably true, 'W', but I don't wish to dwell upon it!

Well, I told you so!

I dunno, I didn't see it. I thought you might take a shufti on the channel 4 iplayer.

Proper little Goneril, you are, Andra!

Thanks, DM, I will take a look later.

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