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Monday, 05 August 2013


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It's unclear to me if Lina was the wife or the girlfriend.
Please explain.

Oh God, Andra, I'm used to getting lines from DM for my poor spelling; now, I suppose, I'm going to get even more for my poor composition.

Actually, I spotted that confusion and meant to repair it but "events, dear boy, events"!

Prokoviev may well have been a sh1t, I don't know.

But in Stalin's day it was absolutely normal for family members to be arrested as a way of getting at the real victim, and her experiences in the Lubyanka are typical of those suffered by millions. Nothing Prokoviev himself could have done or said would have made slightest difference - except to make it even worse for both of them.

His comment is an entirely reasonable reaction to such an event at such a time and place.

Read the review, Andrew, it's worth it. I agree about conditions in Stalin's Russia but all the more reason for Prokofiev to at least *try* and safeguard his wife by remaining with her. And I don't agree that his self-centred remark was reasonable. And why on earth did he return to that hell hole in the first place?

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