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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


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Fascinating - did you visit the femme fatale ladies site too.

The surprising thing, to me, was that those who looked like 'hard men' usually turned out to be thieves, whilst the 'clerk' types were all 'gunmen'.

As for the ladies, notice how many were 'backstreet abortionists'. Yet again, the level of violence with the ladies apparently using razor blades as well as stabbing or shooting their husbands, pimps, etc. (so about the same as now)

The best bit though were the terms - 'hotel barber', 'go-getter', etc. - my personal favourite “sly grogger”.

(I only visit for the education I get here)

Realizing your "fondness" for the 'Oirish" David, I thought I noticed some resemblance:

No, Able, I was so gobsmacked with Harry/Eugeni (delete to taste) that I could go no further.

That, JK, is a genuinely touching story - I salute her memory.

Duffers, there is no need to worry about Australia. She'll be apples. The Lucky Country. Something will turn up. It'll be bonza, mate.

Good grief! Pure Australian with a Scottish accent!

I am aware of this bloke/sheila and I was going to comment but I have decided against it.
So there!

So, Andra, you had an attack of good taste? I rarely succumb to those.

Michael Adams
Yeah, you're right. Don't know what came over me. I'll try not to let it happen again.
I have my end to keep up, after all.

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