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Monday, 26 August 2013


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"Also, she has that slight overbite which I always think is very sexy"

Yes, it is a superb sexual technique, but I'm surprised you had the money or charm to find out, DD.


I'm glad.

Why? Because, yet again, my thesis on the universal balance holds true. In this case the fact of all those 'beautiful people' seem to fade into quite unattractive (being very polite) old age. Think of the boyish good looks of Mark Hamill or David Jones, enough now to frighten the horses (yippee, serves them right).

Whereas plain 'ugly duckling' me? I've faded (slipped or possibly sagged) into plain 'ugly duck' old age. Not much difference, apart from the grey (hair not pallor - Oh Ok some of that too) I look almost the same as I did when I was twenty - I'm surprised anyone talked to me then, at least now my face seems to fit my body.


What is this 'sex' thing you're referring to? (my memory isn't what it was)

I had no need of money and charm, 'W', my superb physique was all that I needed - I just wish I could remember where I put it!

Come, come, "We have heard the chimes at midnight, Master Able"!

Wow, she really hasn't aged well, has she? Poor lady. She copped a lot of shit for her "sins".


Och well David at least she has survided most of the politicians and perhaps some royalty that were doing the shagging.
My recollection of the affair is when I was at residential school in Galloway during the early sixties. We were all congregated in the common room watching the modern! telly and a teacher got up and switched it off when the subject arose. Not for our young ears!

Wait your turn, mon ami. "Old age is a shipwreck." - Charles De Gaulle.

Ah, yes, Jimmy, that would have been before sex was invented!

Dammit, Philo, I'm there already!

I'm sorry to say Mr Duff - you are no gentleman!

You almost sound surprised, BOE, but may one enquire why, precisely?

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