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Saturday, 31 August 2013


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Well ... if we're to be sailing the Seven Seas taking action everytime some nation allows dreaded Schlock Horror GAS to result in it's citizens dying - well ...

Hey Buddy Dave ... Mind recalling Parliament? Can you at least spare us a dime since this time it's:

(*Note the gear the rescuers are in!)

I'll remind you of that, JK, when some Islamist loon let's one off on the London Underground because chemical warfare is now the new conventional warfare, and then we ask our old ex-buddy for some intel to find out who dunnit, and get the finger.

We've spent a decade of blood and treasure getting our defences able to deal with gun powder and explosives. Now we've got to do a repeat performance because we've let chemicals join the AK47 and RPG as acceptable means of conflict for the barbarians.

One of the three vital spans in the air gap between us and the barbarians that keeps us on top of them has now been breached: the "C" in NBC.

I just hope the Frogs and Yanks have got the balls to get the gas genie back in the bottle.


Sorry SoD, we are gonna act in Syria. And we're aware of the Sarin attack on the train in Tokyo (some years ago - by "homegrowns") which we have some experience with ourselves.

I notice the Russians have recently completed energy deals with some of ya'll - and there's that G-20 (as well as September 11th anniversary [recall Benghazi?] already in the air the loons are breathing.

Problem is - we've a President who has little to no understanding of 'scale' much less appreciation for 'events' - his motivation it would appear at this time is more "Public Relations" than Strategy. And so he makes noises.

You're familiar with the late Sun Tzu?

Strategy without tactics is the slowest road to victory while tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Admittedly - no matter our strike's punch - CW is too damned easy. I don't know how it is there but I for instance could simply walk in to our version of a Tesco's and get in some terrible mischief.

The "Gas Genie" once out - was never back in the bottle.,33662/

I would add tho' - it would be nice to have a good grip on what actually happened. The UN's "sniffers" will (hopefully) complete their testing and confirm either (A it was actually Gas or (B it was a thermobaric munition [which hadn't been invented when the 'gas protocols' went into effect].

& if it turns out to be A - then a (C who exactly carried it out?) and then possibly (D if it was one of our "allys" AQ or 'moderate loon' - now what?

High risk combats (in whatever form) are damn fine things - "fine" in the sense Dear ol' Dad is apt to mean.

What if it was all some sort of cock-up, or even, as Cochran has suggested, an event like Bari 1943?

"gas genie back in the bottle."

With all due respect SoD that one has been out for a long time! Just because 'we' don't doesn't, and hasn't, stopped all the other players from regularly using it (Russia, China, Cuba, etc.).

'They' haven't refrained from attacking 'us' because we think it's 'not the done thing', they've not done so because they know we class it as worthy of 'retaliation' with one of the big three. How has that changed by Syrians attacking other Syrians with 'not a chemical weapon' (as JKs link probably/likely shows)? I won't even address the naive assumption that terrorists wouldn't use gas because we think it's 'nasty'.

That's not even considering the implications of attacking a 'bad guy' on behalf of other 'bad guys' (ostensibly worse), all of whom hate us, whilst Russia, China and Iran are lining up to help him/them.

Oh, and why does a death toll of circa 1000 by 'gas' elicit this hysteria when the 100,000 deaths previously (by bullet, bomb, napalm, phosphorous, etc.) seem to have been judged - irrelevant?

Forgive me for saying this, respectfully, but this appears to be more about the 'perceived loss of face' than any spurious fear of a new gas induced Armageddon. 'We' haven't lost face, Obama has - and unfortunately, by extension America has too. It's just going to get worse too. His 'limited', 'no objective' attacks will be, and be seen to be, weak, ineffective and pointless.

(please don't start me on France either)


Tescos? I agree their scotch-eggs are a little pungent but ... or do you mean doing hand-break turns past the fresh-fruit section in your (small block) trolley?

(literary licence and all but really! A thimbleful of mustard maybe, for anything else you'd need a big-box/walmart/agri supplier surely?)


I'm not really sure what Tescos actually are - I figured what here in the States are grocery stores (it's just I've seen DD mention that's where he buys fruit).

Here - nearly all of our largish, my town's population is about 2500 but people from most of the county's midsection supply here - so nearest Wal-Mart 50 mile roundtrip, our grocery stocks various household "cleaning agents" "laundry agents" and automobile "lubricants/fuel additives" --- of course not to mention simple vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Batteries.

I'm gonna avoid mentioning any possible "cocktail recipes" if only because a couple of "kids" are sometimes visiting and if I've got D&N open and "get distracted" more than once I've caught the two little shits giggling over what DD's commenters have placed.

Mind. I'm no longer "on a mission to save the world" - but I would like to keep my living spaces habitable.


Tesco is your average supermarket - food, clothing and cleaning products as you guessed - no oils though, I think.

Have you, perchance, been following the emerging photographic evidence of the Syrian rebels improvised (though more correctly home/workshop manufactured) weapons? Rockets (even a katyusha), mortars and bombs (giant sling-shot launched!?!)? It makes the FA weapon thesis a little more 'understandable'. (With 'delivery systems' lack those 'I' wouldn't mess with CW either)

Kids? Chores! For cleaning the drive of weeds I favoured gelled petrol (I 'borrowed' from the lawn mower) - I won't mention how I complied with 'move that pile of rocks in the bottom field' as I believe there's still a warrant out (clue - I follow the Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes methodology of rock 'transportation')

In retrospect, it's amazing how much saltpetre you get off old brick walls when you 'pee' on them regularly - Able aged 10 3/4

Old habits're hard to break Able.

Yeah, I keep up with most of what's in CENTCOMs AOR, mostly the northern bits of AFRICOM. Well, I shouldn't say "most" but I'm guessing I'm as "up" as anybody down at the two-year college in Melbourne - just possibly excepting the fellow I happen to know was a U-2 pilot - but since he sometimes calls me I can't be sure of that.

Looks like a lot of what's in the Syrian "Freedom Fighter's" arsenal probably came outta Libya. I know they've downed a few helos, rumor says maybe a MIG[s] - so ... if they've got MANPADS their surface-to-surface stuff should likely be something close to "as reported."

I've seen that "slingshot" too - well... not "seen, seen it" as I'd not care to be near it's recoil (or if the bands broke).

Sometime remind me to tell you about how I managed to get myself relocated from Melbourne up to where I am presently. Tweren't too awful bad, hospital only kept me overnight for observation - Cops even "minimal charged" me, I guess so's I'd have the funding to make the move.

Able, JK, I am sure that you are two of the kids I was not supposed to play with. (Snicker/Snort)

You don't Michael, always do what your told?

Heck. You'd probably enjoy hanging about with a coupla old school operators, the one a Brit, an' me from America's hillbilly lands (that'd be the Ozarks of Arkansas).

Might want to bring along extra ear-plugs. Maybe some extra underdrawers too. (It was pure plain unforeseeable - the primary lift stage failed but the secondary didn't & since my Great Squish of '02 I can't run so good.) Even I have occasions when I need clean underdrawers. Not often - but when one needs 'em...


Above I mentioned "fine in the sense Dear ol' Dad is apt to mean." & as it appears DD is off mowing the churchyard:

Not only are the denizens of the Pentagon bureaucrats, the US was defended by an armed bureaucracy for eighty years before there was a Pentagon. General Grant more or less invented military bureaucracy, copying the railroads, who invented the modern version of bureaucracy. Yes, I know, it's like RADAR, invented simultaneously in many places. We loved the Dickens Department of Circumlocution, having worked for various government agencies for most of our adult lives. Miss Nightingale, whose feast day was celebrated this month, a pretty slick trick for someone who was born a Unitarian, organized hospitals, but was such a genius at that sort of thing, she was consulted by various government departments, even after she put away her lamp. Anyway, like all bureaucracy everywhere, the Pentagonites do love to find excuses to fatten their budgets.

However, O'Boy and Clinton have both tried to stress the services with more tasks, and cut budgets. No, I realize that the budgets have not actually been cut, only the amount of increase, but some of the increase was intended to cover the increased tasks and inflation. So, with liars lying to each other, we actual owners of the enterprise really do have a hard time sorting it all out.

So, with liars lying to each other, we actual owners of the enterprise really do have a hard time sorting it all out.


See (A, (B & (C then (D above. And those don't even get us into the proper approach slot. Gonna be dicey no doubt.


The thing about bureaucracies like the military which 'gets my bovidae' was/is their amazing ability when 'cuts' occur to direct those cuts 'only' at the section of the organisation which actual 'does the job'. See any reduction in managers, dept.heads (deputy heads, assistant deputy heads, head assistant deputy, .... and all their secretaries), let alone OF-7 to OF-10? (OK you horrible lot listen up, this deployment you're ammunition load is limited to two rounds and a sharpened stick because major general gore needed a new mercedes for his mistress)

"not supposed to play with"? So that's why my formative years were blighted? All this time I thought it was because of my singing, you couldn't have told me sooner?

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