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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


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"now that their silly alarms have proved to be exactly that - silly - there's no fun in it"

Indeed not, D. It is not a laughing matter at all, because the regulatory and tax hangover resulting from their complete capture of the politicians and the legislative process, will haunt us for generations, or perhaps for ever.

Imagine the advances, conveniences, and technologies that will now never see the light of day because the eco-fascists insist on doubling (and more) the price of energy! Imagine the inventions never made, the businesses never started, the capital never formed, because so much effort and misdirected human ingenuity has been wasted on this chimera.

And it's all for nothing.

Thanks, Andrew, I was in quite a good mood this morning until I read that, but as they say, 'the truth always hurts'! The Greenies really are people-haters, aren't they?

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