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Sunday, 25 August 2013


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.... and b) the equally Great British Public realises that we don't have a navy any more and quietly thanks God for it!

Whether the "Great British Public" uhm, realizes it or not - you do have the equivalent of TLAMs. (I'm figuring the exact same as our'n, as our underseas boats [BOE?] seem to've swapped often enough to effect.)

But nowatimes is very perilous nowatimes - let us "pray" Dave 'n Barry don't come to some "strategy" wherein the Eastern Med looks to be a McCain styled "Cakewalk" - as was Libya.

I forebodes ... and I don't like forebodes.

Might get David, you where I intend, "Playing Chess With Putin"

(Our Barry & your Dave are more suited to checkers!)

Thanks mate! Regarding the overseas aid to Nigeria, I forget the amount - its in the millions - but it doubled under Cameron. About £30m, something like that.


Oh we've got a couple of TLAMs, even some Block IVs (I won't mention the fact somebody forgot to put the 70 launch systems in the 45s so's we could use them of course), but we can only afford to fire them if you agree to pay for them (and say we can). I'm not so much foreboding as I think BO will be too busy playing golf and his team will be too busy thinking up ways to deny anything they do after the fact, to do anything.

I quite liked Tim Newmans assessment, spot on. I visited Lagos and Port Harcourt a long while back, think a slightly politer Somalia. Truth be told (and not a commentary or endorsement for the systems there) only Rhodesia (see, I am old) and SA had any real system encouraging honesty (get out of the cities and graft still happened, but it was a rare bonus, not a way of life). Kenya (as in Keen-ya) is probably the best - and I have not the slightest idea why.


Well there is that but there is this too:

(We've "War-Hero" McCinsane telling us "Cake-Walk" - you've merely "Call Me Dave!")

When Able,

You Google, Startpage, DuckDuckGo pulling up the Takimag results - it's the "RadioDerb" I'mdrect'n two.

As it happens.

Tim, thanks, er, I think, you've just given me severe indigestion!


Directing? What, isn't one string on your bow enough? I've been visiting Taki since your last recommendation to DD. I have to limit listening to Derb since my blood pressure can rise dramatically (generally in agreement with him but we Oxbridge types can't be seen agreeing with UCL grads or... we'll have cat's sleeping with dogs and all sorts of unexpectedness next)

Tim Newman

Try visiting and searching for "Ratel". He was a Deputy Sheriff, now retired, and his father was a senior engineer/manager in the oil business in Nigeria (maybe a generation or two before you). The story is 'entertaining'. ('Try Pink Gorilla Suit' too for further, unrelated, amusement). Keep up the 'telling it like it is'.


Apologies. I had a blue-screen crash. I can't fathom it. You've speakers I reckon?


I think that Scruton has been on Radio 4, just before 9 am. Caught the tale end this morning.

OK then TGO, says Cameron, we'll launch our cruise missile first. Please note we only have one. And it has a concrete warhead. And we haven't paid for it yet.

BOE, there is only one answer - call for Dad's Army!

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