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Monday, 12 August 2013


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The two links are the same. (Honestly, you should pay me for all the proof-reading I do for you!)

Grovelling gratitude is all you can expect from me, Dom, given what I have to pay that DM to do the job!

I'll have you know that my wife has taught me her method of currying baked beans. She won't reveal her recipe for making the curry powder however.

Didn't I send you that Landfill orchestra clip several months ago? It certainly warms the cockles of this old lady's heart.
I believe they are now on their world tour - I'm hoping to see them in the next few months.
Curried baked beans? The mind boggles but I rather fancy the Chinaman would like them - or you could do something with soya sauce - he likes soya sauce.

Oh God, DM! Curried baked beans! Yuk! I can't stand curry except in such tiny amounts that any decent curry lover wouldn't even taste it. The oddity is that I love the *smell* of it, like one of Pavlov's dogs I salivate instantly but the minute I put it in my mouth I dissolve into a red-faced sweat and demand a pint of beer to put the fire out.

Yes you did, Andra, and I saved it for a time when I lacked anything sensible to write - and don't bother, I do the jokes round here! By the way, sorry but bloody TypePad dumped you in the Spam box from whence I rescued you.

How wrong you are. With my wife's recipe, baked beans are transformed from an over-sweetened children's food into a treat suitable for lunch.

I like cold, left-over baked beans best, straight out of the fridge with some cold meat pie. And, yes, I know it says so much about me!

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