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Thursday, 08 August 2013


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My father warned me against adulation of Churchill, a rackety politician who was wrong on most things in his career but happily was the man for the hour in 1940 and a spell thereafter. He had also, according to my father, made one good decision when he was First Lord, namely to move the fleet from coal to oil. But you could usually rely on his judgement being woeful.

No time at the moment but I will return to your comment later, DM.

Oh, dm, another bubble burst.
Let me have my heroes, please.

Well Andra, there's been a theory for decades you're apparently unfamiliar with. When the fellow screwed up - that was his British showing. His stellar moments? Those were owed to his Mum's origins.

With our host washing bottles...

Sorry, JK, couldn't be bothered to read all that tripe - anyone who calls himself "a journalism professor' is a total tit in my view. Anyone with more than three brain cells knows, or assumes, that someone, probably a government, is recording call traffic and possibly conversations as well. The particular MSM tit in the discussion should be spending more of his time asking about the various nefarious failures of the Obama regime. And, yes, I am grumpy this morning!

I have enjoyed the Bourne films. The baddies rely on something called "The Grid". They can even control which way cameras face on British rail stations and download imagery from Canadian forestry satellites. Do the Canadians have such satellites? I didn't really believe that the Grid would actually work. But perhaps it does...........

Nothing much works on British railway stations in my experience!

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