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Friday, 16 August 2013


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Having just seen in the comments to the previous post the discussion about American sport, I thought I might chip in here.

I am a keen follower of baseball. It started some years ago whilst taking holidays in the States and watching some games on the tv in our motel rooms; didn't understand it well at first, thought it was just rounders for grown up blokes. Gradually it dawned on me it was rather more than that with lots of strategic moves that can make it fascinating, imho. Also there is some extremely athletic fielding and some good 'drug fueled' big hitting to enjoy, though the latter is being driven out of the game now.

Anyway, getting to the point of this post, at the beginning of this season, at the end of March, a number of games were played in the coldest conditions ever. There were a couple of games played in Denver where it snowed and the temperature was about 22 F. there were also games in Minnesota and St. Louis, I think, that were curtailed by snow. So much for AGW!

Damn straight Paul!

AGW is a bunch of hooie. Normally Arkansas would be "enjoying" several runs of triple digit days with nary a raincloud in sight.

But (as I just mentioned) July ended with a monsoon that only ceased day before yesterday - today (mid-August for Chrissakes!) is the first day since July I've seen unobscured sun.

And the forecasted high temps next week are calling for low 80s!

Sorry, Paul, I cling tenaciously to my view (absed on virtually nil experience!) that all American sports are the equivalent of water-boarding - with basket-ball the most tedious of them all.

JK, it is the wrath of the Lord visited upon you all for the manufacture of moonshine!


Far as moonshine goes the cooler weather's a gift from the heavens. The fire under the mash is close to relief! A normal August, it's a hell.

Still. One endures for his country!

Quelle courage!

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