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Thursday, 22 August 2013


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If it's at all close Labour will win because the constituency boundaries were gerrymandered in Blair's time and silly Cameron has failed to do anything about it.

Exactly right, DM, that was another point the wiseacre made in his article.

It's hard to get excited, to be honest.

It seems to me that whichever (or whatever combination) of the big two-and-a-half end up in power, the actual outcome is always the same: more tax, more spending, more debt, more daft regulations, more PC, more meddling prodnoses, more Europe, and more bloody windmills.

Thanks, Andrew, and I hope you have a nice weekend, too!

My wife, who, let's just say, try to stay on her good side, never passes a windmill without musing, "I wonder how much I paid for that damned thing."

There was a brilliant letter in today's Tel suggesting that each fracking well should have a wind turbine attached.

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