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Monday, 19 August 2013


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Helloooo ANDRA!

Any of your relatives here?

(Might take some moments to load.)

Cross-posted via Malcolm

Well howdy Malcolm
Are you the Malcolm from far-away places? Good to hear from you either way.
Oh, now I see JK had a hand in this. Thanks to all Arkies for their input. Honestly, you'd think you hillbillies had something better to do.
This is a pretty weird and wonderful group of miscreants. It's no wonder phrenology was so popular around the late 1800's and early 1900's.
The Chinaman, Ah Low, certainly looks quite like my favourite Chinaman - a bit more shifty perhaps.
I just love Frank Murray and his hair. I think he invented the bouffant hairdo that we all loved in the late 50's. Frank has been known to attend wine bars and hotels and associate with prostitutes. Me too. I've been arrested (twice but once was a mistake) for attending illegal casinos - so I can't knock Frank for his little pecadilloes.
My favourite it Herbert Ellis, he of the suave smile and wide-spread legs. Herb obviously don't give a damn but, if there was a Mrs. Herb, she has been neglecting her sewing duties..... Herb's, ahem, fly needs attention.
I may well have more to say about these ancestors in the fullness of time.

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