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Saturday, 07 September 2013


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Uhmm ... David?

On that basis let me say instantly that I would rather give John Prescott a French kiss than spend even five minutes in the company of the awful Julia Gillard.

You often tell me I confuse you. Even when I'm thinking to myself, "why, I'm perfectly clear!" - so I'm wondering ... from 'over here' either you're about to worm that tongue of yours down a skanky looking gullet OR you f**ked up titling who is precisely who.

You might ask your Typepad girls about the Spam box Duffers.

Ah, JK, it's that silly English humour thing, I'm afraid. Miss-titling photos is an old 'joke' 'over here, I think 'Private Eye' started it and it probably originated unwittingly at the 'Grauniad' (aka the Guardian) who were famous for their copy errors.

And I'm sick of asking the TypePad girls about the fucking Spam Box - nothing ever happens except my, as in MY,MY,MY, comments keep ending up in there! (Now you've sent me to bed in a grump!)

ADDITIONAL: and bugger me this one ended up there as well - are they listening in or is that blasted NSA of yours interfering?!

Well, we got rid of KRudd and the hideous Juliar will (hopefully) never be heard from again and time will tell what the Mad Monk will bring.
They simply couldn't be worse than the Labor mob.
Abbott rather annoys me (as do most policitians nowadays) because of his habit of saying two or three words and then saying "um". This "um" business after 3 words seems to be the latest fad. Why can't the wankers say a dozen words in one hit? It's not hard. My 3 year old grandson (the genius drummer) can do it. Perhaps it's because pollies are trying to walk and talk at the same time. They'll have to stand still and think for a couple of seconds and then say words.... more than 3 words.
It's a novel thought, I know, but I'd like to give it a go.
Up there Cazaly!

It struck us this summer that it's twenty years since we lived in Oz. We miss quite a bit about it, though not the mozzies or the venomous creatures. But enough about the Labor Party! How about this piece, Duffers, on American foreign policy?

DM, where were you living that you ran across so many venomous critters? I've been here for ... well, ahem, a whole lot of years and I've seen bugger all. You do get used to them, though.
Why don't you come back for a holiday? You'd be amazed at the country now. Some terrific stuff has happened and some not so good, but still a damned sight better than the rest of the world.
PS: Keep it to yourself, it's a secret.

"I would rather give John Prescott a French kiss " There ought to be some sort of citation for bravery for such a proposition.

My brother gave me a walkabout in the jungle behind his place in Kangaroo Valley, N.S.W. back in 2000. I would have to agree with an assessment of ridiculous proliferation of things venomous : stinging nettles, stinging trees, bull ants, venomous snakes, etc.

And wasn't that a laugh about the Commons having had enough warmongering for the day ? You would think nobody was serious about rewriting the map of oil bearing nations to suit the convenience of the energy companies.

Oh dear, "the Mad Monk", um, that doesn't sound, um, to encouraging, um, for your new leader, um, Andra! And "Up there Cazaly!"??? Somewhat in fear and trembling, dare one ask . . .?

DM & JK, thanks and I'll check your links later and comment in the Sunday Rumble.

Opit, welcome to D&N. You and I might have been amused by the Commons refusing to fight but somehow I don't think 'Dim Dave' was too happy!

DM & JK, I've just read your links. Stockman is acid on legs and it's hard to disagree but there is a danger in America retreating from world affairs, by which I mean, I would rather have the USA 'interfering' than Russia or China. Nature, and politics, abhors a vacuum! JK, it will be interesting to see how Pryor does at the next election. If Arkansas is going 'peacenik' - what next?

Neither Arkansas nor Texas has gone 'peacenik.' We are still as crotchety as ever. However, we don't rise to the firebell quite as readily as we once did. Yeah, we'll fight, but in our own interest.

As for all that "war for oil" song and dance, our formerly peace loving president is doing his best, or allowing others to do their worst, to block US and Canadian oil development.If American and European energy needs could be met by American and European deposits, Royal Dutch Shell, Standard Oil, BP, Elf-Aquitaine, and Texaco would not have to redraw any maps, nor buy from the odious Saudis, either. Please note, if a company buys from the Saudis or the Hausa, they are "propping up a dictator." If British and American forces thwart an invasion and looting of a neighboring country by Saddam Insane, that's a WAR FOR OIL!!!PEACE NOW! Commercial Syndrome people make deals, not war. It would nave been so much cheaper to accept Saddam's offer of cheap oil contracts than to oppose him militarily. But no, Mrs. Thatcher (whom may God save!)had to call Bush I on the 'phone and say, "George, this is no time to go wobbly." She was right, of course. The strategic picture would have been a very bad one. However, the rest of that caterwauling was just propaganda, which my younger and more trusting self believed.

I continued to pay attention, however, and, over time, I noticed things. For example, we got the UN to impose a leaky embargo on Iraq, bought nary a drop for years, for strategic reasons. When Saddam was finally toppled, the oil concessions were auctioned on the world market, and China got most of the goodies. That's OK. We'll deal with that, and we'll block Somali pirates, even though they have no oil.

Och, how did I get into this? I just got up to go to the bathroom. Back to bed for a couple of hours.

"Back to bed for a couple of hours."

It's alright for some!

Michael's right.

Neither Arkansas nor Texas will, anytime go 'peacenik' - just look to my link on Suday Rumble!

It 05:30. I'd only gotten up to attend to nature';s screams, stopped by the computer to see what y'all were up to, and spewed out some more. Then, I was settled down enough to return to bed. When I got up again, I would have made it to church on time, had not the Princess gone to ground in the bathroom, locking me away from tooth brush, etc. As it was, I missed only the Processional and the first few lines of the OT Lesson. The ladies, OTOH, slept in. Next Sunday, they promise to get up and come with me, and it'll be Presbyterian, so, no Processional anyway.

Crikey, Michael, do you attend ALL the churches? Is that called covering your bets?

No, I just prefer my dinky little Anglican one, which is where I have friends, too. The ladies don't go for "ye Mass in English". Their heads are not round, quite dolichocephalic, actually, but the theology is Round Headed. I have to admit, the singing is better at the Presbyterian church. Still, when they can't get headed up and moved out, I go Anglican, which would probably set eight generations of Baptists spinning in their graves. Can't help it. I like the BCP.

"dolichocephalic" - love it - a new word!

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