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Monday, 16 September 2013


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You're getting all literary here, so I thought I'd mention that I just finished Defending Jacob. Liked it, and aside from Turow I generally don't like courtroom novels.

Next ... Gone Girl.

And, Dom, wasn't that ending a shocker? I nearly dropped the book! His previous books are being published over here this month - can't wait because apart from anything else he writes superbly. Let me know what you think of 'Gone Girl' - the 'Memsahib' has just bought her first two books and is working her way through them!

Anna Karenina: A miserable, self-absorbed character, surrounded by other miserable self-absorbed characters. At least Anna does us the favor of killing herself, so we aren't tortured by her turning up in a later novel;-) Waded through Anna Karenina long ago and I'm trying to spare you the agony.

Thank you, LB, and it's just as well you didn't entice me into buying a copy because a regular feature on this blog of mine is the pile of 'waiting-to-be-read' books which both blocks the light up here in my garret and threatens my life and limbs should it ever topple over. Mind you, if I put 'War and Peace' on top, the floor might give way! Also, you may have discerned from the exchange above that I have a disgraceful weakness for 'pulp fiction'. These are rarely judged on their literary qualities (just as well!), and not always on their plot intricacies, but mainly on the body count! Anything with at least five dead by chapter four is a corker in my view! However, 'Defending Jacob' is an exception, as Dom confirms above, a simple but deadly plot very well written and with a truly shocking ending.

Pulp fiction makes one a better rounded person, rather than sticking to the "edifying" literature. I get stuck in "series" fiction - from historical romance novels to Vince Flynn. Once I get to "know" the characters and I like them, well, naturally I want to find out what they are up to next. That Janet Evanovich keeps churning out Stephanie Plum novels (19 and counting) and I still haven't tired of her. Guess, reading Nancy Drew and old Cherry Ames nurse books in my youth started this habit. Tom Clancy with his Jack Ryan, oh my, anxiously awaited each new novel back then (now his stuff is sadly not up to snuff.

Someday I might

Apologize for that cliffhanger phrase, lol, began that sentence, went back up to proofread and didn't even notice it was still down there. And my memory being not quite what it used to be..... I forgot what I "someday might"......

Ah, yes, LB, memory, I had one once but I put it down somewhere and now I can't remember where!

You and the 'Memsahib' would get on well together not least because by the sound of it neither of you would ever speak because your noses would be buried in historical fiction novels which the 'Memsahib' devours by the ton - she keeps Amazon going single-handed! Mind you, she is surrounded by historical reference books because she can't keep up with all those Plantagenets and Tudors. For real 'blood 'n' guts', forget Jack Ryan, instead go to Lee Child's 'Jack Reacher' tales but try to obliterate from your mind that in the most hideous casting mistake ever made by Hollywood they gave the role to that obnoxious dwarf Tom Cruise.

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