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Sunday, 15 September 2013


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(i) You're right about Dickens: with the exception of The Tale of Two Cities his stuff was execrable.

(ii) In addition, Mr Haart's taste in music is good.

(On the subject of music, why do I enjoy so much this track by a bunch who are manifestly rather incompetent? It's a mystery.

Ken Colyer! I remember that name. And, yes, DM, that was rather plodding.

Get your charitable hat on!

(I would have commented earlier but I was nervous about being was added to that list)

Able!! Times Zones! Some of us are just getting up, and the coffee we spew costs money, not to mention, How in Hell do we clean a keyboard we're not supposed to touch?

I mean, clean a screen. The keyboard will short out or it won't.

Don't sue me, Michael, this blog is not responsible for readers' keyboards or, er, their laps, either!

But you can sue Able - that's OK!

How about if I just spew coffee on him?

idling the summer away?

I'll have you know I was investigating the effect of sunlight on wine drinkers.

Nah, Michael, a waste of good coffee!

Ah, AK, I shall exshpect a detailed dishertation shortly then - cheers!

Implausible plot, but still cried a few tears for my Sydney Carton. Agree with dearieme, A Tale of Two Cities offers him 1 point toward writers' redemption, but then again he penned American Notes, making us uncouth barbarians across the pond look askance at the British conceit about good manners expected of guests. (old BBC piece here -

I cast a vote for your Prince Charles to be added to the great bores list, jeepers, when he rambles on about the environment/global warming he sounds eerily like our own American guru on that matter, Mr. Inconvenient Truther, Al Bore (oops meant Gore).

Aaaaaaaaaaah! (Runs screaming from blog!) Prince Charles could bring a charge of Cossack horsemen to a dead halt by just talking to them!

Thanks, I think, 'LB', he has been added to the list.


Having raised a couple of wonderful kids who are a delight to everyone who meets them, I feel so sorry for HMQ. She did the best she was allowed to do. The youngest son appears, at this distance, to be normal, even nice, and I am told that Anne just doesn't like photographers and other nuisances, which is just fine by me. Andrew, past his reproductive prime, dull, dull, dull. Or, maybe he did all sorts of adventurous things, but he can't talk about them, Official Secrets Act and all that. Chuck? He's the only person in the world who makes Al Bore seem less soporific, and note, I said less, and no better than that. I have friends HMQ's age, and they are frisky and fun, and all the stories told about her in more private ways make her out to have a lively and subtle sense of humor. I can hardly imagine what it would be like to be bored by your own children.

Heh! You should try putting up with 'SoD', drives me mad always bossing me around! Bloody kids!

I haven't got time to be bored.

Bossing around, well, I had a few good years between my father telling me what to do and my daughter, the same. Son is more subtle.

A cop stopped us on the way to work, just about a year ago, when we'd just changed insurance carriers.They scan license plates and the computer tells them whether you are insured or not. In Texas, now, if you are uninsured, they can impound your car. It can ruin your whole day, for sure. Well, the new proof of insurance was still in the printer, upstairs at home, and the old one was, indeed, lapsed. Young officer asks me whether I have a smart 'phone. "Son, would you please look at that license. I am almost sixty two years old. Of course I don't have a smart 'phone. " "Well, uh, my Dad has a smart 'phone." "Yeah, because you bullied him into it." Head hangs in shame. So Jamie just shows off his new hardware, uses it in ways even we can comprehend, and offers to get us the best deal on a used electronic French tickler or whatever. "Nah, son, those cost money." Sooner or later, we get the new French whatever. No, not really any bullying. We rarely know what hit us. Daughter? She who must be obeyed! Neither, however, is boring in the least.

Swam half a mile this morning. How far for you?

Nothing like that, Michael. My routine is 10/15 mins swimming (slowly!), then 20 mins exercises in the corner of the pool, then a quick couple of lengths, shave, shower and home in time to take the Memsahib's tea and toast up to her in bed! Just the very best way to start the day - wish I had discovered it earlier instead of all those hours whimpering over that ghastly machinery in the gym!

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