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Sunday, 22 September 2013


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I think you have put your finger on the spot Mr Duff. Nigel Farrage and his crew are not a government-in-waiting, they are a big club to bash the mainstream parties round the head till they start to listen. So, I shall vote for them in all types of elections - Euro, local and general. I am not impressed by the argument that voting UKIP lets in Labour, given that the Tories and Libdems have the same basic policies.

BOE, feel free to use my first name. I would urge you to read James Forsyth's depressing article in the current Spectator in which he reckons that given that the Leftie liberals (roughly half of them) will switch to Labour at the election, and that a goodly chunk of Tory voters will switch to UKIP, plus the fact that 'Dim Dave' failed to put right the imbalance in constituency boundaries, it will take a miracle for the Tories to win. I am not so sanguine as you on the prospect of an 'Ed-squared' duopoly running our affairs. Thus, I would urge 'Righties' to vote massively in favour of UKIP at the Euro election, massively enough, perhaps, to put the fear of Christ up the Tory backbenchers and get them to stab Cameron in the back. But when it comes to the national election then I think we must hold our noses and vote Tory.

I'm surprised a distinguished former member of the used car fraternity like your good self had any trouble with any sort of clocks or clocking!
By the way, please make my day and tell me your old company was called Duff Motors.

Sam, if I had ever tried to clock a motor with my level of mechanical ability I would almost certainly have increased the mileage rather than reducing it! And, yes, for a short time I did advertise as Duff Motors, well, it gave the punters a laugh - before they started to weep!

"the Leader of the Free World": in much the way our Kings claimed for ages to be King of France.

But ... but ... they are, aren't they? I mean, it's only little pipsqueaks like Hollande who refuse to recognise Her Maj's rightful claim!

I echo BofE's words and will be pleased to vote for UKIP in any election. Although I think someone might question my use of your first name. However since I would be voting illegally anyway, I am sure it won't really matter in the end.

Well, DAVID, I thought of you last night when I watched our Prime Minister say that the murders in Nairobi were nothing to do with Islam. I really feel that holding your nose while you vote for him just isn't going to work!

Well, BOE, if you want an 'Ed-squared' duopoly go ahead and vote UKIP at the general election but when you get it I don't want to hear any of what Monty used to call 'belly-aching'!

Dear Miss Red, you can slip into my, er, persona any time you like!

Did you know Monty? You must be even older than me!!!

Of course, there are some 30 months before the general election, so anything could happen. Ed might throw Balls overboard, or the unions might chuck him over the side. Clegg could have another fit of petulance and head back to Brussels to join the sprouts. And the Tories might get rid of Cameron, especially if the Euro elections are really really bad. So, I shall stick with my plan, keeping mind what some Chinaman said - no plan of campaign survives the onset of action. Or something.........

Yes, BOE, the Euro election is vital because only then will we get an opportunity to really inflict a massive blow to Cameron. I hope even some Labourites will be shrewd enough to vote UKIP - for the same reason! However, bearing in mind Belloc's admonition to 'always keep-a hold on nurse, for fear of finding something worse', one gazes at possible replacements with a certain amount of fear and trembling! I mean, they are all such second-raters!

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