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Thursday, 24 October 2013


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Almost too delicious - a real pass the popcorn development.

Don't be such a tight-wad, AK, pop open the champagne!

Since you're obviously busy mowing or doing the dishes ..

Happy St. Crispin's Day!

I can't believe a good English Shakespearean like you could have forgetten!

Thanks for that, Able, shook me out of my afternoon somnolence. "Soldiers for the working day" - I love that line!

By the way, 'wherzyubin'? I was asking Jk the other day if his still had been raided and if so I had a suspect!

Raid it? I'd just borrow the contents/product, for purely medicinal applications.

I've been to rocky/sandy for'n parts, apparently my nose wasn't peeling enough. Incidentally, whilst there, I was introduced to a new band/genre. Bluegrass covers of heavy metal/rock bands. Think of a bluegrass version of 'Highway to Hell' or 'Strawberry Fields Forever'?!? I was forced to listen to Hayseed Dixie and their song 'Moonshiner's Daughter', it made me think of JK:

You have no idea of the suffering I go through for Queen and Country, MRE's and Bluegrass (and not a punkah wallah to be found anywhere).

Apparently my recent quest for a green-card was the real reason for the .gov shut-down over there. I can take a hint.

"rocky/sandy for'n parts". Hmmmn! Sounds just like 'Arkieland' to me! As for the song, well, what can one say, except they just don't write 'em like that anymore - so who needs Gödel, Hofstadter, Lucas 'et al' - there is a God!

Yes, and he's a mathematician, so stop dallying with all those navel gazers and get on with that calculus homework.

"calculus homework". Dread words! Never understood a blind word of it - and I sense the stern presence of DM hovering behind me - here comes another hundred lines!

I was taught calculus by a schoolteacher of remarkable flair. Maybe I'd have found it easy anyway, but ....

Anyway, years later I was dining in hall in an old Cambridge College when one of the Fellows said to me "You are very brave, giving supervisions in Maths for Natural Sciences - that's too intimidating a course for me." "Ah" said I "but I have the advantage of you for I was instructed at school by Gordon Kinloch".


I resemble that remark regarding Natural Science students! I had few difficulties myself, perhaps due to having previously completed military and engineering qualifications, or more likely as we had a better class of students (as everyone knows) at Oxford (running and seeking cover and concealment).

It's always slightly surprising how one remembers so much of one's school teachers - the good, the bad and the horrendously ugly! Anyway, now I think I'll just sit back and watch the Cambridge vs. Oxford match!

Aye, Able, or easier courses.

May I hold your coats, Gentlemen, it's the sort of thing I'm awfully good at, you know!

No, No DM, no fisticuffs (or pistols at dawn) here.

One has to understand the 'investment' in the reputation of ones college the members of 'some young, upstart university' display ... and besides, DM is probably right. Oh, mathematics and the sciences have improved drastically since before WW II at Oxford but most premier (OK, I think three Fields Medal winners are Oxford Graduates) mathematicians head for Cambridge.

Peripherally related, an interesting post/opinion on 'teaching and teachers' here:

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