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Thursday, 31 October 2013


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I am sure there WAS a film made of this. (Which is an OLD story any way. I thought EVERYONE knew the history.)

Thing is, It COULD be in Swedish.


"I thought EVERYONE knew the history."

I certainly saw it several times in one of my favourite childhood magazines.

Well, I knew vaguely that the Danes had behaved well during their occupation but what fascinates me is the 'back story' to those two German men, previously dedicated Nazis, who for different reasons recovered their humanity.

Good point, Duffers.

P.S. here's one of the most interesting justifications for dressing up as a Nazi that I've ever seen.

"a portrait in his bedroom of himself receiving a medal from Adolf Hitler, while admitting that he had mental health issues."

Yeeees, Mr. Dutton, I think that explains it nicely!

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