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Sunday, 20 October 2013


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The allies were mugs in 1918, failing to break Germany up again. It might not have worked, but what they did certainly didn't. I suppose it would have violated the drearily stupid Wilson's beliefs. Or perhaps the French would have feared that it would make it harder to get their reparations. Since it was in the end the much-maligned British Army that actually won the war, it's a pity that Lloyd George and the Prime Ministers of the Dominions didn't bring it about. Did they even try? I must read about the peace-making one day.

A fairly depressing subject, DM, you will definitely need a glass or three of Scottish water to see you through it!

Tangentially, it seems that the French policy - of subsuming the German monster in a United States of Europe - is a failure. As dearieme writes "the allies were mugs in 1918, failing to break Germany up again". OTOH having agreed to an armistice to be followed by a grand treaty, would the rulers of the UK and the US been able to insist on their armies fighting on and occupying Germany? I doubt it. Once the fighting stopped on 11/11/18, getting it going again (absent some kind of German re-start) would have been politically, let alone militarily, impossible.

Mind you, if any one person was responsible for WW2 it's Wilson whose "dreary stupidity" underlay the Versailles Treaty. In a similar vein - and, funnily enough, also a severely ill man at the vital moment - it was Roosevelt who bears much of the responsibility for the Cold War and the long winter of Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe.

Well we are all friends now and liberal. We can look forward to the internal threat of being bombed by the enemy we knowingly let in. The Islamists. That was really stupid. A nice present for our descendants. Hope they cope well as we will be unable to apologise to them for our stupidity.

Jimmy, why are you hiding behind that titchy 'i'?

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