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Sunday, 20 October 2013


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What you need is a good guffaw. I'm not always in the mood for a crude guying, but this guy, I thought, did it awfully well.

Oh God, DM, I nearly fell off my chair laughing at that. Dammit, I have him bookmarked but somehow missed that one - thanks.

e = mc3

Nice piece by John Redwood this morning.

Pure brilliance, Andra, well done!

Thanks, BOE, I assume you mean the piece on Trafalgar on which I will post later.

The Elgar bit sent me googling, that is after I read the fascinating article you linked. Came across a YouTube video titled "Enigma Variations, Op 36 (1/-)" - interesting imagery to go with the music.

You're quickly becoming my favorite history buff:-)

'LB', you are obviously a lady of taste and discernment. Thanks for the link, beautiful pictures to go with the music.

Well. It's glaringly obvious to me. What that feller Elgar was thinking about when he created his cipher was a feature (his favorites) of Dora's.

Dora, this is how your tits would flutter and flail were you standing naked in a gale.

JK, that is brilliant! You are obviously a man of high intelligence as well as being a sex maniac!

Incidentally, where have you been - and what have you done with 'Able'?

Sex Maniac??!!

Good Lord David (not meaning you're a Lordship) but anyways your acumen as to my "Whereabouts on the Intelligence Scale" is very apparently astute - calling me ... or imputing anyway "Maniac" in any sense is more than a little overwrought.

I'd prefer David you use the word "amateur" (and even then in the classical sense).

"Able" presently I'm given to understand is, Heathrow's equivalent of "lost luggage" - I may've seen him but until he's identified, I couldn't possibly comment.

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