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Wednesday, 02 October 2013


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"This is precisely the fate, if that is the right word, facing Muslim immigrant communities living in the west": evidence?

David. While Jews work hard in Britain and keep their heads down and do not ram their religion up our arses at every oppechansity Islamists take every opperchansity to do the opposite.

I would have thought, DM, that the outcome for American Jewry was all the proof you need for the notion that strong ethnic feelings re-enforced by religious ties will not stand up to western materialism.

Jimmy, the fact that Jews tend to keep their heads down has a great deal to do with the last few thousand years of their history, apart also from the fact that their religion is not a proselyting one.

I would have thought ... all the proof you need. Pah! An apple is not an orange.

David. The Scottish Herald has put on the front page today that the flu vaccination has been halted because of pork gelatine being in the solution. Muslims have complained.

Well, perhaps "proof" is too strong a word, shall we agree on 'a very strong indicator'?

Jimmy, there is no answer to that particular example of human stupidity.

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