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Tuesday, 01 October 2013


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It's really a very simple point -- if the car is a good buy, people buy it. All these tax subsidies are just a way of saying, "it is not a good buy, but you'll buy it anyway."

A corollary: Government only subsidizes things that no one wants.

Exactly so, Dom, but the bloody cheek for a government that pretends to be for the working man using his taxes to help the boss pay for a new car! You couldn't make it up!

Bubba, we do not need reminding. Every time we pass one of those lovely windmills, or one of them passes us on the road, on four flatbed trucks, the Beloved Spousal Unit muses aloud, "I wonder how much I paid for that d****d thing."

Oh, yes, we have something called SCHIP, State Children's Health Insurance Program. A few years ago, a community organizer came to an "informational meeting" at my former church, of the Knee Jerk Liberal denomination, to explain the need for socialized medicine. She told us that SCHIP had recently been "reduced." I try to stay abreast of things, but I had not heard of any reduction. Asking, the next day, I learned that what she was very obliquely describing was that families who had been required to qualify annually, would now neede to qualify twice a year. What these parents were doing was to apply in a month when they were changing jobs, or, if they were contract computer geeks, in a month when they did not get a check. That way, they had nearly zero income, so they qualified for maximum subsidy. The rest of the year, they'd make twice my income, and I, who managed to buy health insurance for a family of four, was also subsidizing with my tax money the health insurance of those parasites.

So, they are not simply bribing us with our own money. Now, they are bribing other people, buying their votes, against our interest, with our blessed dinero.

Annoyed? Perhaps a little.

I hate to point it out but as far as I am aware it isn't 'the boss' (someone who might 'create' wealth and pay at least some tax) getting these nice, shiny subsidised boondoggles.

Whilst a lot of the buyers are luvvies (who we all know need and deserve the help as it's hard to manage a major coke habit, pay for the upkeep on three homes, multiple mistresses/pool-boys - and all that plastic surgery, when you only get £10 million a film) the rest are 'right on' politicians - so, like politicians everywhere, they're only voting to subsidise their own purchases. I suppose we should be grateful there isn't a 'Federal duck houses credit'.

None of this crap is important. It's Julius Marx's birthday today.
Genuflections are in order.

Michael, in the current jargon, 'I feel you rpain'!

Able, yes, I was only using the word 'boss' figuratively as being the opposite of the average working stiff. Although, to be honest, I do think you are being a little unkind to us rather precious luvvies who deserve all the public support we can get!

Andra, you had me going there and I had to google up 'Julius' Marx.

Well at least that's only 4,700 cars being subsidised by the poor old taxpayer.

How many sodding windmills are there in the UK now?

More than 4,700 I'll bet.

And many many more still to come - and be paid for by us - before this scam finally bites the dust.

Well, Andrew, console yourself with the thought that it's death or taxes - one or other of them will get you in the end!

I feel I have been very much gotten in the end.

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