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Saturday, 30 November 2013


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It is freedom of choice that distinguishes democracy from dictatorship and why socialism that cannot function in an environment where there is choice must eventually however well meaning it starts out to be become increasingly authoritarian. It moves from being the champion of the people to being their oppressors. What makes socialism particularly invidious is that it does so with the consent of those very same people. Of course the people eventually resent socialism and discard it but only after it has done considerable damage economically and socially.

Thank God those canting killjoys had to go and bully the poor bloody Indians rather than bullying the inhabitants of these islands. For that reason, I think we should celebrate Thanksgiving too. We, however, wouldn't eat tedious turkey with cranberry sauce but (I suggest) Best Scotch Lamb with redcurrant jelly. Yum, yum. A decent claret or a glass or three of Aussie Shiraz … don't you think? Or even a few pints of best beer - lager forbidden!

DM. Lamb (various cuts) is best fried gently over a medium heat six mins each side then put in slightly hot oven to sit for around eight mins. Let it sweat. Melts in the mouth. Any wine beer or spirit will send it doon.

As good a summary as I have ever read, Antis, thank you.

As I remember it, DM, and the details of our own revolution are exceedingly hazy to me, it was a 'damn close run thing' that we avoided the extreme "killjoys" taking over here and that Cromwell was, by comparison, a bit 'laissez-faire'. However, you are too hard on Turkey and all the trimmings. We only eat it twice a year, Xmas and Easter, because I do realise it could quickly become boring but even so I really wouldn't have anything else. As for 'decent claret' - I wish I could afford it these days!

But, Jimmy, you missed out the porridge!

One of our best culinary decisions was giving up the turkey at Xmas and changing to goose. So much better. And you're left with a reserve of goose fat for roasting yer tatties for ages after.

Yes, we tried goose once but it produced far too much fat - and anyway, you can buy jars of goose fat when you need it. But you are right in your original criticism, too much turkey is tedious! That is why we only buy a breast of turkey - but I love it with all the trimmings and proper Xmas pud to follow!

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