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Friday, 08 November 2013


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We tried watching Cuckoo's Nest on the telly: hammy, predictable and altogether lame. We abandoned ship.

I disagree, DM! Yes, it was the softest of soft soap in some ways but it had a message worth repeating - and repeating. Not, of course, just the iniquities of psychiatric (so-called) medicine and practice but also for the deeper meaning that in society we should not just accept our 'meds' quietly, saying 'thank you, doctor'. The director, Miloš Forman, was a Czech and knew where-of he spoke. I thought it was a great film - and Louise Fletcher was superb as Nurse Ratched. It's definitely in the 37 films which constitute my Top Ten!

Forman also did Amadeus, which had a psychiatric setting, sort of. Amadeus and Cuckoo are two of my favorites. The end of Cuckoo, first sad when Nicolson is brain-dead, then happy / sad when he is killed, then happy at last when the Indian breaks free, is remarkable.

I didn't care for Hair, but I think Forman was attracted to the idea of outsiders and the theme of freedom.

Glad you agree with me, Dom. I think DM misses, as do we all, the impact of seeing a film in a cinema as opposed to watching it on TV. Yes, I, too, enjoyed 'Amadeus', especially Murray Abraham. I once played Count Orsini-Rosenburg in the stage play, a performance of which it was said that 'marvellous isn't the word'!

Amadeus was a fine thing.


Well, it was hammy too but the music was wonderful and, somehow, the whole lot was blended together into an impressive whole. Great fun.

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