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Saturday, 16 November 2013


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The merits of immigration must depend entirely on the numbers and merits of the people you admit, and the deal on which you admit them. There is therefore no chance that "our immigration policy is no bad thing".


I'm worried! Whilst I've always enjoyed the spam haiku's I've noticed an unnerving trend recently. The robo-spam generators have better grammar and punctuation than I do (I never said a word about your output notice - see I'm tact personified).

Please delete them as I look bad in comparison.

Damn, I missed a comma there (output, notice) - see what I mean?

I noticed your capcha keys are now numbers. Easier for us, but I bet it is easier for the spammers too. Maybe that's why they're getting through.

Where the heck are the videos David?

I do like your optimism Mr Duff! Do you actually believe that these migrants from the third world and eastern Europe are going to pay for a comfortable old age for you and I? If yes, are you interested in buying a bridge...............

Able, my "output"? What's wrong with my output? Too much or too little?

Dom, don't ask me, TypePad seem to be helpless, hapless and useless!

JK, they're X-rated!

BOE & DM, you should beware of drawing conclusions from headlines! Of course, there are plenty of scallywag immigrants but there are many more, especially from eastern Europe, who are a positive imput into this country not least because they work about 50% harder that indigent Brits. Also, the female ones are much prettier!

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