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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


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I argued on other blogs away back when the so called Arab Spring commenced that it would all go ape shit. But the thick lefties said there could be a socialist uprising and the islamists could be defeated! The Brotherhood will just go underground and wait as long as it takes.
What an opportunity Morsi had to make change but they are more interested in carpet kneeling and mullah power than equality and social justice.
So history is being repeated and the Russkies are back. Maybe the Russkies will sell them Duff tanks again.

Good news as you say.

Along very similar lines, a most welcome development would be for the Turkish army to fulfill its constitutional responsibility and get rid of the Islamists in the government there.

I fear that they have been nobbled, and that the legacy of Ataturk is in peril; this would be a dangerous thing to put it mildly.

The possibility of a nutjob state becoming a full member of the EU is not pleasant to contemplate, though for once I think we can rely on our "friends" the Kermits to make sure it doesn't happen!

Look, none of us knows remotely enough about those benighted lands to be able to judge whether any news from them is good or bad. Stop kidding yourself, Duffers.

Anyway, cheer up! The great pantomime that is Obamacare has got a new plot twist.

I laughed and laughed.


You don't need to be an expert to know that Arab clouds don't have silver linings!

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