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Wednesday, 27 November 2013


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My father-in-law always said that his favourite sort of visitor to Cornwall was the one that drove up to the Tamar, threw his wallet over and then went home.

The US had no choice but to intervene as Japan is under their protection. Well done Obomber.

Obomber still has three years to surrender in.

An ancient Cornishman was quietly enjoying his pint outside a Cornish pub.
Suddenly, a smart sports car rounded the corner at speed, and screeched to a stop. The driver, a city gent from up-country thrust his head out of the window. "Hey, Fred" he shouted, "which way to Launceston2"
The old Cornishman, paused. "How did you know my name was Fred?" he finally said. The Driver bellowed back impatiently "I guessed it", he said. "Well you guess the bleddy way to Launceston" said the old Cornishman. .

The OC of course had never heard of Launceston because he called it Lanson!

Alas, BOE, my wallet is virtually empty by the time I get to the Tamar because we always stop in 'Tavi'!

Yes, Jimmy, but it depends on the size of the dog you are walking. Sometimes they drag the owner along where he doesn't want to go!

Tut! Tut! You will never receive your invitation to the White House, DM!

Well told, Tristram, but you must work on your accent - even if it it makes your comment unreadable! BOE can give you a few good tips!

David. I was a regular visitor to St Agnes several years ago after a long stint at Penhale Sands (Camp). It is a long drive fae Sconie Boatland but worth it.

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