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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


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So Americans do have a sense of humour after all?

It's quite striking that Obamacare is even worse than its predecessor Shambolicare.

P.S. Do remember that Slick Willie has at least two grudges against O: (i) O beat Hellary for the Dem nomination, and (ii) Bill & Hell's healthcare reform program had to be abandoned.

The babies will not die. The hospitals will go bankrupt, but they will care for the babies. Remember, the idea that people are dying for want of what Obamacare claimed to provide was, itself, a lie. F*****g u p the insurance is his step toward single-payer, but if we can fix enough of the blame on him, he might not get away with this. Remember, Hillary Care was single payer, more drastic even than the NHS, with all private health care outlawed. Until it was very clear that she was going to be stymied in Congress, plans were well under way toward establishing fee-for-service clinics and even hospitals over the border, into Mexico. That's pretty ironic, given that wealthy Mexicans currently come to hospitals in Texas for treatment not available at home.

A great deal of the furor about the failures of Obamacare is the result of efforts to overcome the lapdog press and the fecklessness of Republicans in Congress, by bringing this whole boil to a head, preferably in time for the 2014 Congressional elections. If the Republicans do not get busy and find a great deal of feck, they will be primaried out, mostly in the Spring, although some states hold primaries as late as September. Then, Democrats who got elected in otherwise sane Republican states will be moving toward the gold-watch table in January, 2015. It is, really, a quite genuine issue, but so were Benghazi, the premature pullout from Iraq, Fast and Furious, the serious and probably planned bungle in Egypt, the use of the IRS to thwart efforts to organize opposition, the lack of enforcement of laws against wide-spread election fraud. The average Useless Idiot knows nothing of these things, because the lap-dog media do not report them, but they can not hide the broken sewer of Obamacare. So, that is the one we are using.

"Remember, the idea that people are dying for want of what Obamacare claimed to provide was, itself, a lie."

That's mostly right, Michael. Everyone is treated at an ER, and those who can't pay are covered by those who can. The problem is not the ER, but long-term treatment, such as cancer treatment.

American healthcare is a mess. My problem with Obamacare is that it is transparently a messier mess.

I heard all manner of horrifying stories of people whose chemo was cut off until a family member came in and forked over a few thousand more dollars, cash. These things were even alleged to have happened at MD Anderson, in Houston, the best cancer research facility in the world, with paying patients from London and Moscow and Tehran, but with an appropriation from the people of Texas for indigent care. There is Medicaid, and in Texas we also have TMAP. Less advanced places may not have such generous provision, but they need to vote out their Dem governments, and get on with solving their problems.

One of the subsidiary lies was the number of uninsured, purposely inflated, to forty five million. Closer scrutiny revealed the this number included fifteen million illegals, a problem solved by sending them home, and who were not supposed to be covered by Obamacare, although that turned out to be a lie. There were fifteen million young people who mostly don't get sick, and enter into a payment plan when they do. Under HIPPA, passed a quarter century ago, pre-existing conditions are, indeed, covered, if you do not let more than ninety days elapse between your last coverage and taking up the new policy. Kids are covered under CHIP, if their parents make under eighty thousand a year. So, that left fifteen million who did not have insurance. We could have reduced that number further by allowing insurance to be sold across state lines, by broadening accessibility and relaxing other limits to Health Savings Accounts and by reforming medical malpractice law, as we did in Texas before the start of the century. Whatever was left, we could surely have managed with a broadened Medicaid. The idea that the uninsured were running up bills that the rest of us had to pay ignores the fact that Obamacare still sticks us with the bills, and, oh, by the way, with a huge amount for graft, largess to cronies and campaign fund bundlers. Part of the problem with the website, which was only an outward and visible sign of an inward and invisible vice, was that it was built by Soetero's cronies. How many more Solyndra boondoggles will become a burden on all of us, hidden in Obamacare?

They lied about the problem. They lied about future problems. They lied about the lies.

It would appear David, the little "two weeks comments" strategy hasn't worked so hot.

But it is getting infinitely easier to distinguish the spammers - words like, Excellent, Superb, Delighted to find, Fantastic and especially "a lot of useful info" applied to D&N are dead giveaways.

JK, I wish David would leave some of the spam in place. Sometimes it was the only stuff worth reading here at D&N. My favorite, now gone, read "My brother told me this site is excellent. He used to be always right."

Michael, you're right that the number of poeple who don't carry insurance was always purposely inflated. Another problem is that some of these people were in fact insured -- on their spouse's insurance.

You're quite right, JK, those nice spammers say the sweetest things about me and my blog - which is more than you regulars ever do! I'm thinking of keeping the spammers and banning you lot!

The more I find out about this 'Obamacare' cluster, the more I wonder how so many people can put their faith in governments - of any colour? Surely enough of the people will take their revenge at the ballot box next year, er, they will, won't they? Oh, no, say it ain't so"

"My brother told me this site is excellent. He used to be always right."?

Jeebers Dom, I wisht I'd checked in for that one. I hope you added an appropriate comment?

"He used to be always right."!

No doubt the writer changed his mind fairly quick - else it's doubtful he'd thought to make note of that for a mere D&N comment.

(Is it possible Dom, David was motivated to call that spam out of some other motivation?)

Right, that's it, as of now, JK, you're banned, er, well, you will be when I ever get round to working out how to ban anyone as I don't seem to be having much luck with the spammers!

Another favorite of mine was, "your most excellent blog improves my eyesight". I'm telling you, whoever writes this stuff is a genius.

I think, Dom, that is what is known as 'an unsolicited testicle', or something like that!

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