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Friday, 08 November 2013


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Knew Oakeshott in the '50's, heard his lectures and read his stuff. Decent chap, got on well with the rugger club unlike that Ralph something or other who was a bit of a pain.

The lack of an ideology is in itself an ideology - are you talking about Dawkins again?

I agree wholeheartedly, I just wish those pols who did/do admit to/espouse an ideology (that would be those lefty types) weren't so adamantly, unquestionably, fervently, fanatically sure that theirs is the only 'correct' ideology. (Marxists/socialists/progressives, the jihadists of the political realm).

I wonder if it's more of that 'two nations divided by a common language' stuff again, that and interpretation, assumption and association. Maybe, to those who deny such. the term ideology smacks too much, rather than "the set of beliefs characteristic of a social group or individual", of the archaic "visionary speculation, especially of an unrealistic or idealistic nature". that and words like doctrine, manifesto and such. Ask them about their tenets, creed, credo or philosophy and .....

The redefining of words to fit 'certain views' is a modern epidemic. Maybe claiming/admitting/acting as if you have any ideology not 'of the left' has become tantamount to admitting your hobby is drop-kicking (punting to you Yanks) babies in front of buses and stamping on kittens.

Personally I suspect that, like honesty and probity in civil servants, it is the one characteristic guaranteed to ensure 'the party' never allows your selection. The Republican party establishment, rather than being RINOs, is actually DIOBNs (Democrats in all but name) - much like our own, not so beloved, Conservative Party then?

Really? Is an American "punt" really a drop-kick? I never knew.

By the by, Duffers, I may have found a solution to the marmalade problem. I'm now pondering whether I could commercialise/patent it.

Ah yes, that "Ralph something or other", can't think he would have gone down too well at the Rugby club! By the way, Demetrius, I just enjoyed a giggle over at your place at your link to the, er, 'national service' of the Kray brothers. For anyone who is interested:

Able, I don't mind the clash of ideologies - so long as it doesn't descend to the personal which rapidly makes it a waste of time - but since Maggie and Michael (Foot) we haven't had one between our political leaders. The 'Milipede' has some ideological notions, gleaned, I guess at second-hand from dear, old Dad, but 'Dim Dave' hasn't a clue beyond desperately wishing to be back in No. 10 after the next election.

Oh come on, DM, you can tell me, your secret will be perfectly safe and secure because nobody reads this blog!

Pah, rubbish. An American "punt" is just the same as in rugby or football: see

It's not a drop-kick at all. Pah again.

Never mind all that 'punt' stuff, what's the top secret marmalade equation?

My apologies DM I shall attempt, probably fruitlessly, to be more clear in the future (most of the time even I don't know what I mean).

Drop-kicking (punting IN SOCCER to you Yanks).


Well does:

- make you feel better? But then you already knew that one. Did you honestly expect me to educate you? Good Lord, DD will be expecting me to discus modern art or tell him how to clock a car next!

The secret to imparting the required tartness is to spread a thin layer of quince jam on top of the butter and below the commercial marmalade. Brilliant, eh?

But ... but ... I don't want "tartness", daddy, I want sweet as in SWEEEEET! Still, it's more interesting than all this waffle about 'punting' which I thought involved a river, a boat and a long pole!

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