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Thursday, 21 November 2013


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Your Thursday funny:

Shane Smith of Fort Collins, Colo., recently found a little surprise when he signed up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. After proceeding through all the registration hurdles with Connect for Health Colorado, he learned that his dog Baxter had gotten insured, not Smith himself.

Smith said he guessed the mistake happened when he gave Baxter's name as one of the security questions. “It was pretty funny," Smith said. "Typical Obamacare, that they would insure your dog by mistake.”

This Paul Flowers person looks like a very jolly, Father Christmas sort of man. Obviously, though, looks are deceiving as he appears to have done something horribly wrong, in YOUR eyes, at least.

I suppose I'll have to Google him if I want to learn more or just forget the whole damned thing and go about my business.

Ah well, a cup of Earl Grey while I ponder this weighty matter and contemplate the coming day.

The only wrong in law Mr Flowers has done (so far) is purchase illegal substances.
The establishment he managed to con (Labour, Tory & Libs) the Co-operative movement the FSA have done horribly stupidly wrong, perhaps.

And cheat on his expenses, according to the news yesterday, and that amounts to theft. But we should all be deeply grateful to him because the sight and sound of a cornered Ed Balls is just so delicious!

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