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Wednesday, 06 November 2013


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The promise was essentially that we will get much more and no one will pay for it. Reworded, that amounts to saying: "Adam Smith was wrong, all of economics since Adam Smith was wrong, common sense is wrong. I'm right."

Well, Dom, it worked with snake oil! For a while, anyway.

Ah, you've noticed how many leading 'journalists' have gone from Pravda to the Kremlin Publicity machine have you?

I can't find the quote but I'm led to believe Sebellius (Dear Lord woman stop sucking lemons) explained the matter as 'he meant, you can keep your insurance/doctor but only until we implement ACA/Obamacare'.

It isn't just the Obamacare debacle either. There was post at Instapundit discussing the topic in which a commenter cited an imaginary conversation by friends along the line of:

"1st friend - you remember that lie Obama told?

2nd friend - you mean when he said he'd close Guantanamo?

1st - no not that one, the other one.

2nd - you mean when he said... "

It went on for three pages! I have trouble thinking of a single instance in which something he has said, anywhere, at any time, that has turned out not to be a blatant lie. You?

Yeah, it'll be so much better when Hellary takes over.

I just got this great quote from Peggy Noonan:

"I bet America hopes the websites never work so they never have to enroll."

Seeing the world today as a seamless part of history, "taking the long view," I think it's called, I can already see that whatever the press in the UK do, now, to slow down the idiocy of government is likely just a result of their mythology that this is a "Conservative" government, therefore sides with the ruling/propertied class. (Which are not the same class at all.)When, eventually, you have another Labor government, they'll be doing it (without condoms) with the ministers, whoever they are, whatever they do.

I offer this heads-up because forewarned might just possibly be forearmed. Maybe? One can hope.

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