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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


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Lay off Canada, not the idiot mayor of Toronto, I am residing there at the moment and I find them a decent enough lot and not in the least bit boring. I am in the French speaking part and they are way better then their European cousins where I also lived for some time as well. I accept that the weather is a bit parky at this time of the year and a bit hot and humid at other times. If last year is anything to go by snow will arrive in abundance soon and will lay thick and even for many months but life will carry on as if it does not exist (somebody pointed out that it was because it was the right type of snow unlike that which falls in the UK from time time, quite frequently in winter these days I am reliably informed).

You're quite right, Antisthenes, especially as rumour has it that I'm half Canadian! And it's always the wrong sort of snow in England, at least down here in the south, because it's always more than half a millimetre thick and thereby reduces everything to chaos. It has almost become a national sport!

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