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Thursday, 07 November 2013


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I have to correct you, Duffers. 'The Graun' has a keen understanding of the concept of 'national interest'; it's just that the nation concerned is never ours.

I found it a most enjoyable experience to watch (I wonder on what planet these MPs live at times - and you forgot to include Rifkind).

The 'tourist terrorism' question was particularly vague though. As you may, or may not, remember my last job was in a small, regional hospital. From just that hospital eight (8!!!) doctors have traveled to Syria 'to help the opposition' (claiming first aid and medical treatment only of course). It is interesting to note that one of them was captured by government forces apparently, rather than bandages and sticking plasters, carrying 'weapons and explosives'.

Aren't you glad that afterwards such sterling fellows will be welcomed back with open arms to deliver your health care by the likes of Blears?

As always, DM, spot on!

Oh God, Able, can you imagine coming round from an op and seeing Heather Blears leaning over you? I'd rather see 'Nurse Ratchett'!

The next thing is is the press and those that hate Britain will want to give out the home addresses of our agents and maybe the pubs they drink in.
And meanwhile the government admits that terrorists are leaving Britain to fight for Islam and they allow them to return battle hardened and the taxpayer has to foot the bill to watch them. There seems to be no return since Churchill died and we joined the Common Market.

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