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Monday, 18 November 2013


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"Our total borrowing today stands at around £1,300 trillion ..."

Hmmmmm. Seems awfully high. Are you sure about that? That's more than 1 quadrillion.

But of course if you meant 1,300 billion, with a b, your point still holds.

Oooops! Thanks for that correction, Dom, and thank God it wasn't DM who spotted it because that would have been roughly a trillion lines by five o'clock!

I expect you'll have more sympathy for Gordon Brown now! He always mixed up his zeroes - although usually in the other direction.

Alas, BOE, I wouldn't feel any sympathy for Gordon Brown if he fell off the Empire State Building!

Litmus mnemonic:
Red to blue, alkaloo; blue to red, asced
Close enough.

Now look here, Timbo, you're supposed to test it not drink it!

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