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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


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I have no idea who Simon Thing is but the blokes don't wear ties in Cairns. The only person you'll ever see with a tie on is a solicitor on his way to court to do some legal aid work.
Most men get around nowadays in shorts or sarongs.
You'd fit right in here, Duffster. A sarong AND a tie. You'd make the front page of the paper right away.

"A sarong AND a tie" -now that's what I call a fashion statement!

I must be getting old! When I was much younger I lived in Singapore. Sarang Kebaya was worn by shapely Malay women - now they are, it seems, worn by hairy Aussies!!! I know which I prefer - but then, I am a lot older.

Was that Changi, BOE? If so, when? 'I was there', Singapore not Changi, '64 to '67.

61-63 & 67-70; all at Changi. No 205 Sqn flying Shacks.

Ah yes, BOE, I thought I'd seen you down the Geylang Road slipping into the 'Singapore Nights Bar' - otherwise known as 'Emissions for Seamen'! Those were the days . . .

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