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Sunday, 10 November 2013


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When I was wee we had a proper parade on the eleventh in the town square. It made sense more than fifty years ago - there were survivors, widows, orphans.

For the "Warm Greenie Slimes": Unusual quiet hurricane and tornado season on this side of the pond,

Quite so, DM, but these days there is more than just a taste of mawkish sentimentality to it.

"Unusual quiet hurricane and tornado season"! What! This is deeply significant of, er, well, something to do with man-made global warming, obviously . . .

"That used to be the proud boast of the USA": yes, but untrue. America had the handy combination of wonderfully abundant natural resources and no need to spend a great deal on armies to defend them.

True up to WWII but there-after they spent fortunes on defence, and yet, at the same time they made amazing leaps forward in computers and the like. Even so, they are now in great danger of suffering with sclerosis!

America's defense bill is humongous. I lean towards the pacifist side, so I wish it were otherwise.

The ACA website is the typical government snafu. They could have gone to amazon, google, Facebook, whatever, and said "let us use the same people you used". Instead, they went to an unknown Canadian company. There may have been some sort of back scratching involved.

But the real issue is, what do we mean by a website that works? It has worked in a few cases, and people were dropped from their insurance carriers, or found their premiums increased.

I always lean towards defense whatever the cost.

If it is any consolation, Dom, we suffer the same problems 'over here'. I don't think there has been any government IT plan that hasn't cost zillions and then had to be scrapped. The latest is in our Nation(alised) Health Service ("The envy of the world").

But Jimmy, as a small power we need to differentiate between 'defence' and 'projection of power'. We definitely need the former but these days we do not need, and cannot afford, the latter.


Your new policy of limiting comments to two weeks - that doesn't imply I'll be restrained from hitting your archives whenever you come up with a "new prediction" so I can add to the conversation a link from your "past predictions"?

(I'm just interested in maintaining your reputation you understand?)

Lessee ...

Yes, indeed, JK, you remain free to peruse and quote any of my past prognostications and, of course, I will be free to quote some of your responses. For instance, to the link you made above you stated:

"I agree with a good deal of your analysis"!

Very wise, er, well, actually, dead dumb because I was almost exactly 180 degrees wrong! So no change there, then!

David if we are seen to be weak then some others may well project their power against us. We have to keep history in mind.

Jimmy, we will not "appear weak" if we build up our *defences* which, in our straightened circumstances, does not include projecting power overseas.

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