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Monday, 18 November 2013


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Jeebers David. Lessee if ANY of your current crop of spammers can beat ol' JK:

You'll recall David, an example of one of your MD_s ... (My Darling Sarah, My Darling Ann) et cetera?

- If I'm recalling correctly, after I first linked this, Andra "linked" a China feller. Guido you might recall, finally stole something off D&N - rather than the other way 'round! -


Here's another David, you might remember - only reason I do is because it was the closest approximation I ever came across of a blogger going into complete "stammer-mode" - with a 'Proper British Gentleman's" accent no less.

(This site originates - perhaps unsurprisingly - out of Michael's Texas.)

All I can say concerning your Christian Nymphos, JK, is that I am pretty sure none of them attend St. John's in Milborne Port because I would guess that the average age of the congregation is around 82! Mind you, I have noticed that when I am grass-cutting in the Summer stripped to the waist (yeah, all three of them!) some of the old ladies do slow down as they pass. I'm sure they would whistle if they had any teeth! Also, I do notice their shoulders heaving, with passion, I assume, because surely it couldn't be giggles, could it?

At least JK's not referring to me as a Christian nympho.
Absolutely no hint of religion here..... a bit of nympho from time to time maybe, but NO religion today, thank you.

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