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Monday, 18 November 2013


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My technique is to throw my daughter at the problem. She is an ace negotiator and can usually get me money off from a current provider.

I'm OK to do the negotiating bit, DM, it's all that 'techie-router-mega-giga-wotsits' bit that does me in. Anyway I'm switching from 'TalkTalk' to some outfit called 'Primus' and saving a bit over £6 a month. Not much, true, but it will buy me a decent bottle wine for Xmas lunch '14!

You buy your wine early, Duffers. Are you ageing a red?

Nah! Went through all that wine snobbery lark years ago. Now I just drink it rather than look at it!

Well, I don't envy you the negotiating business. Get the memsahib to prepare a thermos of tea and a cut lunch .... it could take days.
Don't forget to go to the lav. before commencing.
Better still, crack open one of last year's reds before you even dial and fortify yourself for the ordeal.

No, it was easy-peasy, one 'phone call to a very pleasant man who offered me a quote to a new supplier, answered my questions, and so, like a girl on her first date, all I had to do was say 'yes'! Done and dusted, as they say,and I have saved my self the magnificent sum of £6.50 a month! What a Captain of Industry I am!

I hope that you will write a piece on this because I am thinking of changing my ISP after Christmas.

BOE, There was a full page ad in The Mail last week under the general heading of 'MailFinance Switching Service'. I rang them up and told them that I was with 'TalkTalk' for broadband and telephone. The salesmen were quick and efficient and followed up instantly with a detailed quote by e-mail: 0800 090 1351 which I think is a free call line.

They also have a tel number for more or less instantly offering you comparisons with other energy suppliers - 0800 953 3628 - and I am definitely going to ring them later this morning to see if I can get a better deal.

Both these numbers are independent but they are run under the auspice of the Daily Mail Finance section.

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