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Wednesday, 27 November 2013


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If any president had been in the white house other than Obama I would have said that flying those B52's in that air space was a stroke of genius. However because it was him I suspect he had no hand in it and them being being there was purely accidental.

Yes, Antis, I saw somewhere that it was a scheduled flight which went ahead anyway and neither of the bombers sent the Chinese so much as a 'kiss my arse'! It happened rather quickly and I wonder if the White House knew anything about it.

I was told that it originated in "Workers on Government Service", the initials appearing on the back of overalls.

No, no, TDK, you can't trust 'The Graun' on such issues, just take my word for it! By the way, welcome back to D&N, haven't 'seen you' in a while. Sorry that TypePad stuck you in the spam box but I have been pestered with spammers for the past few months.

The Guradian wasn't my original source; that was someone who actually was born in Kenya. I just pick that reference because it was close to hand.

Nonetheless it sounds a little too neat. Too good to be true.

Yes, well that puts in with several zillion other half-truths all of which go to make up what we fondly think of as human knowledge!

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