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Monday, 11 November 2013


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German Exceptionalism.

xX "You cannot put a sheet of paper between me" and the Socialist negotiator on the bill, Burkhard Balz, a representative for German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party, XX

What a bloody surprise! (NOT)

What do you expect from a party run by a damn commy cow, than to side with the fascist left?

As so often, DM, you start my morning with a chuckle!

But, FT, your really must "calm down, dear". She may, or may not, be a "cow", I haven't listened into her personal 'phone calls so I don't know, but she is certainly not a "Commy". A German nationalist, by which I mean, a German who places German national interests above all else, yes, but who can blame her for that? I wish 'Dim Dave' was more of an English nationalist!

Frau Merkel's background is rather unclear. She may well have been an informant for the Stasi - like many other East Germans.

Maybe, BOE, but who are we to judge from the safety of dear, old 'Blighty', Gawd bless 'er?!

Sad to say, BoE, and please be sure that I include both branches of our family equally in this, but whatever Frau Merkel may or may not have done in East Germany, we have not been tested in the same way, yet.It does give a new dimension to "Lead us not into temptation."

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