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Thursday, 21 November 2013


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The only cause for optimism is that no-one saw Reagan and Thatcher coming!

Indeed, they sort of slipped through the net when no-one was looking.

I read, and it well may have been from a link from D&N, that there are a lot of young people in Britain who have been Thatcherized. Unlimited dole, NHS for foreigners, other excess, they find silly and/or repugnant. The Leftie writing the report was appalled, of course, and thought they were as heartless as the Wicked Witch, who was actually very nice, according to people who knew her in extra political settings. Naturally, there will be a dedicated effort to enlighten these poor automata of the Right, but it may well fail. The reason I am talking about this is that the problem with Soetero and his British equivalents is that they were elected, and, to get things put right, we need an electorate who will choose, on purpose, straight-shooting, upright men and women to serve us. "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our (political) stars, but in ourselves."

"NHS for foreigners" A few years back, I met a woman who needed rhinosurgery. She figured it was cheaper to fly to England and have it done for free there rather than pay for it here. She didn't think this was theft. She just thought the English are so much more civilized ...

So cough it up DD, bless your soul, the woman needs a new nose!

I seem to recall David, putting this on D&N in the past. However if I did not - I'd think this something you might want to bookmark then, work up a follow-on post:

In my humble (you say something Duff?) opinion Mr. Kurth has it nailed.

That's the way to keep yourself out of the dreaded 'spam box', Michael, quote a bit of old Will! Alas, our 'youfs & youfettes', in so far as they ever think politically, are as divided as the adults.

I was beginning to wonder what "rhino surgery" was so thank goodness you answered my unspoken question, Dom. And, of course, I don't mind paying, I look upon it as repayment for all those food parcels you sent over during the war, although, as it happens, I never saw one! Actually, to be serious, there has been some political noises about ways and means to stop 'tourist' medical treatments.

JK, yes indeed, you did send that link before and I duly bookmarked it and then, in my usual lazy fashion never got round to reading it. But now I have and it is absolutely superb. I recommend it to all my readers with an interest in American politics. Thanks, JK.

“A system in which a majority of the population is dependent on the
government leads to an unstable political and economic situation, since a majority of the population then has a vested interest in increasing the power of government to redistribute wealth."

I quote Ludwig von Mises and how right he was. The left have indeed ratchet up their influence and has made their ideology the only one that most will these days accept. They have done this either by design or accident by whenever they have been in power by increasing the power and size of the state and at the same time making the citizen ever more dependent on the state. From the public sector worker, through to the recipients of state benefits (even child benefit) which means the vast majority have now got a vested interest in insisting that governments of whatever political hue maintain high levels of wealth distribution. Reagan and Thatcher bucked this trend but for all the good they did they were unable to arrest the forward march of socialism. I do believe it will not be hindered in it's progress until the money runs out which we know from past and present experience that it will. Socialism is only good at spending inefficiently and wastefully wealth creators money and at the same removing the incentive for that wealth to be created. Socialism cannot be defeated because it offers something that human beings cannot resist; something for nothing. Any sane and rational person knows that everything has a price. Still the socialist juggernaut lumbers on maybe either because most of us are not sane or rational enough or consider that the price to be paid will not be us but some other generation in the future. I believe that those of us on the right cannot win the war against socialism we can win a few battles but they will be Pyrrhic and will only delay socialism ultimate triumph. We can vote in right wing governments now and then who are hamstrung by the majorities vested interests and have a lingering death or let the left get on with and make it a swift death.

'I feel your pain', 'Ant', and I would urge you to read JK's link for an excellent analysis of the onward march of progressivism and the disarray of the conservatives in the USA.

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