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Tuesday, 05 November 2013


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Millers nothing, care to check out the feminazis over the pond?

Zero spouted his intent to 'do an FDR' (Stimulus package as the new New Deal) due to the massive losses of jobs for 'burly men' (>80% of job losses having been in male dominated careers - industry, manufacturing, construction) by funding massive infrastructure projects which would supply just these types of jobs.

The response? Why the Wymin lined up, protested and lobbied for 'equal' assistance (despite the fact that there had actually been >500000 new jobs for women created, not losses).

So monies were supplied ... and all spent on health, social and welfare projects which created lots of jobs for the ladies, but not a single one for those hard done by 'burly males'. SSDD.

As for Ms. Piero? I wonder at the eyesight of modern photographers. I believe the phrase 'not even with yours' sums up my feelings. (She's probably not upset at the thought of them being made public, just that she's not getting paid any more. After all an MP can't put clothes and make-up on their expense account anymore. I wonder if 'poor daddy' was as impressed with her as 'poor electorate' is now?).

I don't receive visits from, er, progressive ladies any more, Able, I can't think why but just as well because they would have had a massive hissy-fit over your comment. Have you tried posting something like it over at The Guardian?

Did you see that some dim broad in the govt was complaining recently that a proposed change in the regulations for jam, allowing it to be only 50% sugar, would ruin British Breakfasts, because the nation would consume mere sweet sludge?

Where do they find these mental defectives?

I was in the middle of reading that story, DM, but a large dollop of Wilkin & Sons black cherry jam fell off my toast and onto my lap. I would estimate that it contains at least 95% sugar and the occasional black cherry. Absolutely scrummy on a lightly toasted brioche - although the cost of frequent laundering needs to be borne in mind!

Start stocking up a supply of Tate&Lyle/Silver Spoon (whichever is your favourite tipple) before they start taxing it like tobacco. How long before I'm limited to only two lumps in my tea?

It wont be long before those 'dodgy geezers' on street corners will be offering packets of 'the white stuff' for sale? People will start off surreptitiously using recreational sugar-lumps to relax (or help manage their diabetes - after calls for medical grade sugar are ignored), but before you know it we'll be knee deep in addicts main-lining Icing sugar (known in street parlance as 'chasing the Delia'). I believe the pharmaceutical industry (who funded the smear campaign, manufactured the 'research' and bought a couple of MPs) has already lined up a sugar substitute which whilst it gives you cancer, alzheimers and kills you if you use it more than twice in a three week period is 'safer than sugar' - and incidentally costs twenty-eight times as much, funded on the NHS. (NB. I meant the 'other' dodgy geezers, not you DD).

Come on bansturbators - you can have my sucrose when you pry my teaspoon from my cold dead fingers!


We (cough, cough) eat our own black cherry jam. And we got another good harvest of cherries this year. However we've managed to run out of marmalade (my beloved had a bad back last winter and could make only a couple of batches). Any recommendations for commercial marmalade? So far we've tried Wilkin's Tawny, which isn't too bad but is unbalanced - it's got the sweetness but not the sourness/tartness.

Well, DM, in return for a van load of black cherry jam may I recommend 'Mamade', a concoction which you simply tip into a big preserving pan, add water and several tons of sugar, stir, chuck in a knob of butter and, just before the end - you'll love this! - pour in an egg-cup full of your favourite single malt! On second thoughts, I'm not sure the single malt would ever reach the pan and anyway, you are coming across as a bit of a marmalade purist and I can see Mrs. DM rolling her eyes from here! But I love it and, even more important in my sad little life, I can make it myself - one of the few things I can produce in the kitchen.

Able, rather oddly (for me) some years ago in a vain attempt to reduce my belly I gave up on sugar in tea (which I drink in copious amounts) and switched to sweeteners. Now, on the whole I think I prefer them to sugar - but only in tea!

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