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Thursday, 07 November 2013


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If they drop the torch in space, it won't do cartwheels, it will just hang there.

I love space exploration. It's the one area where I give up my small government views and dearly wish for more spending, although I'm glad that the private sector is getting into it now. When I was young, I thought I'd be among the first to colonize a planet.

You have to admit, space exploration is more exciting than waging war, which is the other thing the US government does.

Well, Dom, it will hang there if no force has been exerted on it but if he's an excitable Russian and he's waving it then according to my almost nil knowledge of physics it will go on cartwheeling until another force changes it! Cue - DM!

Sorry, Duffers, I'm an anti-Dom on space entertainments - they bore me to tears.

Yes, I tend to agree with you, DM, once that chap walked on the moon it has all been a bit of a yawn ever since. What I wonder about is what exactly they do up in that space-lab-thingie. And is it worth the ga-zillions it takes to get them up there?

Space boring? But what about SpaceX and others?

For myself I can think of nothing more exciting than 'boldly going where no Englishman has gone before' - I even have my Star-Trek uniform and Firefly six-shooter ready (I'm mostly hoping that Uhuru and/or Summer Glau agrees to come with me though).

OK, I admit it, I've just had enough of all the **** happening all over and want to do a Daniel Boone, except all the d**m frontiers have gone.

Ah yes, Uhuru, I could go into space with her any time! And if you want to 'do a Daniel Boone', Able, bugger off to Arkieland, there's even less people there than in space! Of course, JK's there and he's more trouble than a 'footie' crowd but still ...

I'm trying! For some strange reason the Yanks are reluctant to let me in, what have you been telling them about me?

Oh, and I forgot to mention one aspect of space, defence. Take the high ground or, as generally phrased in both sci-fi and policy papers by those whose jobs it is to consider such, 'those who hold the orbitals own the planet'.

If 'we' don't look to space your friendly Russian, Chinese and Indians will.

(Don't forget also the amount of money to be made, asteroid mining etc. as well as all those sin-off technologies we take for granted.)

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