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Saturday, 30 November 2013


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A shit summarily dispatched: well done the yokels!!


All to the good, I am sure, and very happy for the people of his district, but remember the fundamental principle,"Politicians are like cockroaches. It's not what they carry off that's important, but what they ruin by falling into it."

Indeed, Michael, and also they share the characteristic of being able to sustain any number of blows and then scuttle onwards without injury!

Could this be the Tories obtaining a social conscience. What next maybe getting rid of food banks and properly caring for the British poor and the vulnerable. Maybe screwing the spivs that run the banks and energy companies, fuck I just woke up and UKIP have been elected. There is a devil.

Naturally he'll pop up in the House of Lords quite soon, and continue just as before.

Thanks, Andrew, as if Monday morning wasn't bad enough!

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