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Monday, 04 November 2013


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For the past several years, the National Transportation Safety Board and the NSA have been secretly installing black box recorders in pickup trucks in an effort to determine the circumstances in the last moments of serious accidents.

While "Oh, no!" and "Damn!" were the words most often uttered just prior to a fatal collision in 42 states, the most frequently recorded response in Arkansas was "Hold my beer, I'm gonna try something."

A farmer near Viola [8 miles west] was out plowing the field one day when his wife brought him a lunch. The farmer drove his mule into the shade and sat down nearby to eat his meal. The farmer's wife began to nag him about various minor things, something she did on a regular basis.

Suddenly, the mule kicked out his hind legs, smacked the wife in the back of the head and killed her.

At the funeral several days later, all of the women in attendance walked up to the farmer and he nodded his head. But when the men approached and talked to him, he shook his head in disagreement.
After the funeral, the minister asked the farmer about the conversations.

"Well, all the women said how nice my wife looked and so forth, so I nodded in agreement," the farmer said.

"What about the men?" asked the minister.

"They wanted to know if the mule was for sale."

Thank you, JK, nobody tells 'em liken you do!

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