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Monday, 04 November 2013


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Oh great! You had to, didn't you?

A prediction when you know full well you always put the kibosh on any issue you consider (or even glance at)?

So we're guaranteed the exact opposite as per usual - well except for the fact that Rhodes had better be evacuated now before the tsunami/earthquake/volcanic eruption.

AS an aside, you are aware that the Greek poll was conducted by the Pew Research Center, a 'non-partisan fact tank' - ie. a left-wing dominated, statist supporting organisation? Take the numbers with a pinch of condiment.

If you are a Greek you have a choice. Which bunch of idiots do you want to run things? The ones in Athens or the ones in Berlin? Perhaps the Greeks, who are rather nearer to Athens than we are, are making the right choice.

Able, I am fairly certain that there has never been a tsunami in the Med but with my luck . . .

All I can say, BOE, is that 'ain't seen nuttin' yet!'

I hate to rain on your parade, D, but all these things have been predicted many times before, and none has ever come to pass.

My prediction - the muddle will continue.

In evidence I call any number of polls and surveys which show that, although the various peoples of Southern Europe know full well what's being done do them, and by who, when asked if they want to leave the Euro, they invariable recoil in horror! Mais non, monsieur, ca cela incroyable! (Or whatever that is in Greek).

No mate, it ain't gonna happen; we have to rescue ourselves from this mess, it won't just go away.

I suspect you're right, Andrew, matters will only really come to head in the Bank boardrooms and Chancelleries of Europe. Actually, I HOPE you're right because if things kick off in Greece next May I will be well and truly pissed off!

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