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Thursday, 12 December 2013


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It has to be watched on a big screen in 3D

Which unfortunately brings in the presence of other cinema patrons who seem unable to watch a film without non stop ingestation of fizzy drinks n popcorn

A role custom made for GC. Can't imagine why my wife was unable to take her eyes off him.....

Kind regards

Nah. I'll give it a miss but thanks for the review.

David, welcome back! The trick is to see them towards the end of their run - and in the afternoon. Hardly anyone in and no noise, well, except for the odd pensioner snoring!

Andra, do try and see it - it's terrific!

Has it got a name, this film?

Ooops, sorry, DM, I was 'so shook up' last night I completely forgot.

GRAVITY is the name.

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